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Kathy Christie Testimonial

October 19th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

My name is Kathy Christie.  I am 70 years young and recently moved to FL from NY. I’ve spent years yo-yo dieting and for the last several years I have been eating mostly just from the perimeter of the supermarket and not too many processed foods.  I have been able to maintain my 217 to 220 average weight.

Finally, I decided that this is IT!!  I’ve been plagued by reflux, inflammation and aches and pains.  I’ve been on Lipitor for 25 years to control cholesterol and been on Tamoxifen for 7 years…sometimes Zantac to control the reflux. I also have COPD and I’ve stopped taking all the meds for that as well. I’m also a 2-time breast cancer survivor.

I decided to stop taking meds and clean up my diet after reading several books on “The Cholesterol Myth” and how the body actually functions.  Paleo seemed to fit the bill especially since it is similar to how I eat anyway so it was easy to implement…I just needed to eliminate the junk I added in.

Since I’ve taken the challenge there are several things I notice.  Reflux is totally gone…I no longer have to drink my apple cider vinegar drink before bedtime…my clothes are a lot looser and my diaphragm is no longer pushing into my rib cage.  I’m a bit more comfortable and there appears to be less stress on my knees.

I’ve lost only 12 pounds, but most of it came off my belly and for that I am thankful.  I’ve yet to see how my numbers are but I am due for blood tests in another 30 days.  My physician is none too happy because all my numbers were perfect on the Lipitor…but we will see.

I’ve followed the program pretty much to the letter.  I’ve not been hungry nor do I have any cravings.  I did drink a tequila twice during the 30-days.  What I noticed in both of those instances I did not lose any weight at all for 2 or 3 days.  Metabolism seemed to come to a standstill… so I left the alcohol out of the picture.

I’m breathing better but still waiting for arthritis and fibro pain to get better. Trying to exercise a bit more and push thru the pain because the more I keep moving the better I feel…even if it is just to stretch every day and walk.

In the next 30 days, I will pretty much stick with the program but may introduce some cheese because that’s really what I miss as well as bake a paleo sweet once a week to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I will leave out the grains going forward and keep dairy very limited.

I’ve learned to like almond milk and coconut milk so other than cheese I can pretty much keep dairy from my diet.  I’ve not really found any “grass-fed” meat that I like. (except for the Greek meatballs–love them) but I’m eating as “clean” as possible.  Goal for now is to get under 200 and then I will set a new goal…probably for 180.  Still working diligently on all this.

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30 Day Challenge

Cathy Ellis Testimonial

September 28th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized
Happy to report:
That I was able to lose 4 pounds, considering it took me a couple weeks to rev up to the whole program.  I’m currently following the program about 90% of the time. buying the best items I can when I can. I had actually given up “white food” a couple months ago – sugar, bread, rice, pasta, etc. and was already seeing the benefits of that when I joined the 30DC.
I was able to find a wonderful farmers market where I can get fabulous fresh produce in addition to finding a Chicken & Seafood Market with fabulous fish and the best chicken I have ever had.  Never would have known about these places without this program since I wouldn’t have been actively looking for them.
The few pounds I lost have nothing on the health benefits I’m receiving.  I went to the doctor last week for my annual physical and she doesn’t want to see me for another 6 months because I’m in such good health.
My good cholesterol is up 26 points!  My A1C is within normal limits, although my glucose is a little high.  I bought myself a glucose meter so I can see what foods are affecting me.
I’ve had a couple “cheat on purpose”meals where I allow myself that once in a while treat.  My BIG cheat one day was a large salad with one cut up Chicken Finger and ….  wait for it…… 2 or 3 tbsp of bleu cheese dressing.  That’s a pretty pathetic cheat, but I just don’t crave the bad foods anymore.  I didn’t cheat with a candy bar or a stack of peanut butter and jelly on white bread.
My doctor told me that you crave what you eat – if you eat junk you will crave junk; if you eat well, you will crave well.
I feel fantastic – more energy, less arthritis pain, walking 6 times a week, not having the mid-afternoon crash….. too many things to mention!
I’m up for another 30-day challenge and hoping for some more weight loss this time.
Love the program,
Cathy Ellis
30 Day Challenge

Carol DeGrazia Santi Testimonial

September 1st, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Dear Chad and Brenda,

First of all, Thank you both for all your help and guidance throughout this process.

When my husband and I began this challenge we did so with the intent of learning to eat in a healthy manner. I did not want a “diet” that would ultimately fail as most “diets” do.

So, the week prior to beginning I read everything you sent me. I watched all the videos and I cleaned out my cupboards, refrigerator, freezer, condiments. EVERYTHING! I then bought all organic, paleo approved, grass fed beef, etc. and we began.

My husband had 1 hiccup (he loves ice cream) I let him have a child’s cup with our grandson the last week of our challenge. He LOST 11 LBS TOTAL.  I never had a hiccup and I LOST 7 LBS TOTAL. I  understand that men seem to lose more weight faster than women. I’m fine with that.

We both feel much better. Our clothes fit looser. So, I am positive we have found our home with Paleo. I signed up for Your Health 360. Looking forward to when that starts.

Thanks for all you do for us!

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Cindy Ruggiano Testimonial

August 27th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

My name is Cindy Ruggiano and I’m 50 years old. I started the 30 days challenge on July 26th and lost a total of 9 pounds.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and went from 115 to 145 pounds. I was frustrated with my weight gain and thought I was eating healthy. My whole life I always stayed slim even with very little exercise.
I was wrong and the Paleo lifestyle shows me a different way of eating especially breakfast meals.  Additional to that, I have been using the Native Path products and saw a difference in my health.  Now I have been exercising every day in addition to riding 3 miles on the bicycle that I just brought.
Thanks to the 30-day challenge I now have more energy and even stopped having my traditional afternoon naps!!
I recently had my blood work done and found out my TSH is 3.4 which is in normal range compared to 4.5 last February.  Such an improvement with the Paleo Lifestyle and 20 more pounds to go!
30 Day Challenge

Janet Davis Testimonial

August 5th, 2018 | Uncategorized

Hi Chad and Brenda,

I just completed the 30-day challenge! Very happy to report I lost 7 pounds!!
I plan on sticking around!! Prior to starting the challenge, most would say I ate a pretty healthy. Eating lots of leafy greens, fish, and chicken, with a moderate amount of beef and fruit.
I never truly overate on a regular basis ( save holidays), But, the weight had crept up and WOULD NOT BUDGE- for ANYTHING! I still work full time as a nurse and go to the gym on my days off and cycle on my days off.  Still….. the weight WOULD NOT BUDGE!. I used to feel completely defeated. Well not any more.
Following this program, I was able to drop 7 pounds and I truly do not feel hungry or deprived. When the pizza and chips and cookies come out at work on a busy day, I can easily pass right by them!
The recipes you provided are awesome! The morning lemon drink is perfect and  I LOVE  the flat belly CD. Such a simple change that you can squeeze in anywhere for only 3 mins of “me time” sets the mood that you making yourself and your health important.
I know from experience that there are many days when it seems you have ABSOLUTELY no time for anything. As nurses, we ALWAYS put other’s needs before our own. I had a reasonably stressful adult life, losing my Mom, my sister and my brother to cancer and my Dad to a massive heart attack. Caring for people and working takes a WHOLE lot of your time. But the 3 MIN  exercise validates the importance of self-love and care. It literally starts the day off on a positive note!!!
That being said, cooking the recipes and purchasing good quality food reinforces that. I love feeling like the changes I have made are making an impact on how I look and feel. As I said, I am sticking around here. I hope to be able to drop another 16 pounds,
Janet Davis
30 Day Challenge

Terry Bridges Testimonial

August 5th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Where is all began:

My name is Terry Bridges, I am 58 years old and I live in Pearland, Texas.

Before committing to this challenge I had done the no carb/low carb thing with varying degrees of success. In late 2015 I had a “Come to Jesus meeting” with my doctor who told me I was borderline diabetic and that if I didn’t take some drastic measures I would become a full blown diabetic. So, I immediately put my diet on “lockdown” and cut out all the bad stuff which I already KNEW I shouldn’t eat and my resolve was ironclad. My focus was on eating healthy, and by that, I mean reading the labels to see what the carb count was, not specifically on weight loss, and over the next 8 or 9 months I dropped 24 pounds, and I felt great, my energy level went back up, etc.

My doctor was pleased but said I needed to stick with it keep losing the weight. By this time it was summertime and, as humans tend to do, I began to give myself “treats” every so often, like once or twice a month, a candy bar here a bowl of ice cream there, and over the next 2 years, the “treats” gradually became once a week, then a couple of times a week until I gradually regained about half the weight I had been so diligent in losing.

Having lost my best friend, who I grew up with, to the ravages of diabetes, then my dad in June 2017, I had another “Come to Jesus meeting” with my doctor in January of 2018. He told me, he didn’t care HOW I lose the weight, but it is critical that I lose it. He explained how critical weight loss is to avoiding diabetes. I told my wife, in no uncertain terms, that I was going to take control of my health and diet and I wanted her to do it with me, but I was going to do it whether she participated or not.

Trying to avoid Einstein’s definition of insanity, l looked at what some of our friends had been doing with great results. One has lost a LOT of weight with the Keto lifestyle. But, another friend told us about the Paleo “diet” she’d been on for quite a while and how great it was. The word Paleo intrigued me, so I did some Googling just to get the gist of what it is and how it works. Then I found the 30-day challenge, or should I say IT found me.

I started watching the first video of Chad talking about Paleo, but I stopped right there because I wanted this to be a team effort and I wanted my wife and I to watch it together and commit to it together. It was about a month and a half before we finally sat down and watched that first introductory video, then probably another month before we decided to commit.

The 30 Day Challenge

My reasons for committing to the challenge were;

1. I wanted to change my paradigm and establish a new habit of eating. I wanted to reprogram my brain in the way I thought about food. I wanted to “eat to live” not “live to eat”. A new lifestyle, not just yet another way to drop weight which I would eventually regain.

2. By investing my hard earned money I would be more likely to “stick to it”.

3. I’ve read it takes 20-days of repeatedly doing any given thing to establish a “habit”, so a 30-day challenge seemed tailor-made for what I was trying to accomplish.

I signed up for the challenge on June 4, 2018. I committed to it and started taking action THAT day, not knowing the actual start date would be the following Monday. I weighed 231 pounds and by the actual Monday Start date, June 11th, I had already lost 2 pounds.

Each day my wife and I would read the emails, watch the videos and discuss that day’s subject. Our meals became more of a team effort to plan. We didn’t completely stop going out to eat, but we have cut down a lot and become VERY selective of WHERE we will go, only visiting those restaurants where we can get the foods which most closely conform to our new lifestyle.

We have followed, as closely as we could. Interestingly enough, my biggest challenge hasn’t been NOT eating the WRONG foods, but…now don’t laugh…CHEWING! I have always been a  fast eater. As some might say, I scarf my food down. I LOVE food. My wife has been trying to help me by reminding me to slow down and chew more thoroughly, but more times than not I’m over halfway done with my plate before she has time to say anything. So, in that area, I am a work in progress, and I am gradually catching myself sooner into the meal.

Another thing I have “battled” all my life is a sweet tooth. I don’t have cravings for sweets. So, NOT grabbing a candy bar at the checkout in the grocery store is not a matter of willpower, I just don’t have the desire for one.

Another thing about eating this way is I don’t get hungry between meals. If I eat two fried eggs and a half an avocado at 7 am for breakfast, I won’t eat lunch until at least 1 pm, and then I’m not “hungry”. I eat lunch so I don’t go so long that I DO get hungry. And, having eaten a Paleo-friendly lunch, I don’t have an afternoon crash at 3 pm or the desire for an afternoon cup of coffee!

I’ll tell you something else, I have been sleeping like a BABY! I go to bed between 10 and 11 at night, and I’ll be asleep within 10 – 15 minutes and I don’t wake up until 6 am. I set my alarm for 6 am to establish a new pattern there too, but after a few days, I’m waking up a few minutes before the alarm even goes off. Ummm…Well, I DO get up in the middle of the night sometimes to go to the restroom if I was late getting my daily quota of water completed, but then I’m right back to sleep until 6 am. And I’m talking restful sleep.

As for activity (exercise), I’m fairly active, though there IS  always room for improvement. I’ve been involved in Chinese Martial Arts for about 35 years. I teach Tai Chi and Kung Fu three days a week with the classes usually ranging from 1 ½ – 3 hours. While exercise is definitely a critical factor in being healthy, where weight loss is concerned it is NOT the thing to hang your hat on. As important as exercise is, a good workout can only burn a minimal amount of calories, ex; a mile walk will burn about 100 calories on average. There is no getting around changing your diet. And as I’ve discovered over this last 30 days, It is definitely NOT about the “how much”, but “WHAT” you eat that will cause you to lose weight.

I’ve been following Chad’s advice regarding portion size and not weighing the amount of food I put on my plate. This is day 30 and I weighed 220 pounds this morning. That’s only 11 pounds, but it IS 11 pounds and this is a journey, not a destination.  My plan is to keep sticking to this 30 challenge and gradually refining my daily life to more and more conforming to every aspect of the Paleo lifestyle.

This is a journey, not a destination and the videos are a HUGE help! Especially the one where Chad explains WHY after eating these processed, high carb foods, we get hungry again so soon and crave those same foods. How they affect brain chemistry so that it THINKS we’re starving when we really aren’t. It is the reason high carb foods are so insidiously addictive. That was a “V8” moment for me and really helped solidify my “reprogramming” effort in my way of thinking about different foods. Maybe I’m going a bit overboard but one of my goals is to reassociate food. Instead of my old way of looking at a particular food and thinking, “Oh boy that really looks delicious” to “boy, that’s a bunch of toxic ingredients masquerading as good food”, and from a diabetic standpoint “eating that will eventually kill me.” If that sounds radical, I’m sorry, but that’s why I signed up. I’m looking to make a radical change in direction, not just a fix for an immediate problem. None of us are promised tomorrow, and I don’t want to be guilty of the saying, “If I’d have known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself”, I’ve already gone far enough down that path.

I don’t know if this will be inspirational to anyone else, but writing this down has been a great exercise for me in really assessing this whole process and its effects on me.

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Ellen Jones Testimonial

July 28th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized
Hi Chad, 
I am beyond thrilled with the results of my 30-day challenge! Losing a total of 14 pounds and my joints (and all of the aches and pains I have been suffering from for years) feel better than they have in years.
Continuing on with my second 30-day challenge today because I have more weight to lose and not to mention I feel so much healthier! This challenge is so easy to follow and not difficult at all.
Always having a sweet tooth I have never gone a day without some type of cake, cookie, candy etc. I am most proud of the fact that I did not cheat, even once, during this 30-days, and feel like I can refrain from my unhealthy eating habits moving forward.
Excited to begin round number two and will keep you posted.
Thank you so much!
Ellen Jones, 54
Allison Park, Pennsylvania
30 Day Challenge

Julie Sexton Testimonial

July 25th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Thank you for the excellent support and encouragement through the 30-day challenge!  My goal was to get my gut healthy, reverse Fatty Liver Disease, get off of prescription drugs for Gerd, and to lose weight.  I can proudly say I started out with both your Probiotic along with a Krill oil supplement and followed the program precisely each and every day.

This resulted in an elimination of my digestive symptoms, eliminated the need for Gerd medication, and a weight loss of 21 pounds!  I will not know about the fatty liver until my next appointment with my Doctor, but I am confident the liver enzymes are greatly improved.

I believe another key to my success was to follow your advice about exercise.  I have gone from an admitted “couch potatoe” to an active life style.  I start by “waking up” my muscles first thing in the morning on my home exercise equipment, and follow through after work by walking my dogs, or bicycling before a nutrition packed Paleo meal.

I had been ending my day with “yellow milk” before bed time.  However, I have had sleep issues so I am holding on the yellow milk to see if I can get better sleep results.

All in all, it has been and will be an excellent journey toward my complete transformation to a healthier, happier, and lighter me!

I can now look forward to an active retirement in 18 months!

Thank you so much for putting this program together.  I can’t wait to see what’s next . . . . . . . .



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30 Day Challenge

Daria Testimonial

July 20th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Hello.  My name is Daria and I live in Southern California.

I’m 54 years old.  I began the challenge because after eating vegan for 4 months my stomach and GI tract were a mess.  I was having pain using the bathroom and felt desperate for something to “fix” my plumbing (so to speak).

After watching Dr. Chad’s introductory video, I felt what he was explaining made sense.  I knew I couldn’t feel any worse, so I decided to take the challenge – not only to lose weight but to just feel better.

In the beginning, I was not intimidated by the cooking or the preparation, but I’ll admit it’s time-consuming.  Now I look forward to it!
I wasn’t able to entirely eliminate every item on the list but I think I did pretty well.  Over the 30 Day Challenge, I lost 11 pounds and I feel like a million bucks!  My stomach and plumbing problems went away after one week!
I’ve been up early every morning with energy for the entire day, sleep like a brick at night and I’m ready for the next day.  I have days when I want to snack but most days I feel good and full and don’t want to break my record.  You can do anything for 30 days!
I have lost weight all over and my clothes fit better!  I started at 207 pounds and now I’m 196.  My stomach is beginning to shrink and I plan to stay on the 30-day challenge another 30-days to see what will happen next!
Thank you, Dr. Chad and Dr. Brenda for your support, encouragement and common sense approach to better living.
30 Day Challenge

Dawn Koch Testimonial

June 29th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized
Hi Chad and Brenda,
My name is Dawn Koch and I’m 55 years old.
I have had stomach problems pretty much for as long as I could remember. As I’m getting older there has been other issues that have been added to my list of health problems. Skin rashes, weight gain, high blood pressure and joint pain.
About 2 years ago,my stomach problem got worst. After several months of test, the Gastroenterologists told me he couldn’t find anything and  I should be happy that all the bad health issues were ruled out. He told me to keep a food log so I could try  to determine what was upsetting my stomach. That was the only suggestion he gave me!
Well needless to say…. I’ve tried any and all diets, which all ended with me failing to solve my stomach problem. I began searching for information about how my stomach bothered me. I would get one question answer and then it would just lead me to the next one. To make a long story short, this is how I ended up at your website.  It was nice to hear you both dealt with your own health problems and how well your information pegged every one of my health issues.
Now that I’m at the end of my 30 day challenge, I’ve lost 8 pounds and for the first time in my adult life my stomach ache is gone!! It all makes perfect sense why I could never get it under control before!
Thank you so much and I now know how I have to live the rest of my life in order to stay healthy and pain-free!
Thanks Again, Dawn Koch