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Look Years Younger, Pounds Lighter in Just 30 Short Days...

Discover the Truth About Foods You Eat Every Day (That are Secretly Poisoning You) and Which Foods Will Torch Even the Most Stubborn Fat-And Keep it Off!

Why You Really Can Eat as Much as You Want and Continue to LOSE Weight (Once You Know the Whole Truth)

Dear Friend,

This is not just about weight loss.

It's about unlocking the secret code to a dream body, perfect health, and complete freedom from disease.

You see, most people are fighting a losing battle with their body...

They look in the mirror and find something else to criticize: a flabby stomach, a double chin, wiggly jiggly arms, thunder thighs, or problem skin.

Chances are you've probably done the same thing yourself...more than once.

Now, I'm about to share something that will put an end to the yo-yo diets, the cravings, and feeling bad about your weight. You can finally have the body you deserve and love the person you see in the mirror. And your confidence will soar as a result.

No, it's not a pill, supplement, exercise gadget, or torture diet.

It's something that's been around for millions of years. And you already have the secret code hidden in your DNA.

So what if you could stop seeing your body as the enemy?

Imagine how different your life would be if you knew you would never go on a diet again because...

You Are Already Programmed for Optimal Health and a Lean, Toned, Sexy Body!

You're about to discover the secret handed down from our prehistoric ancestors that lets you eat all the delicious, wholesome food you want...

Completely eliminating cravings while still burning off pounds and inches-without starving yourself or breaking the bank!

I'm about to share some simple facts that have the potential to completely transform your body. This is an idea so radical, it goes against everything you've been taught about how to lose weight.

And yet when you think about it, makes perfect sense.

Please, Don't Hate Me For Saying This...

Hi, my name is Chris Clark. And when I was younger I was one of those people that everyone hates: you know, the ones who can eat whatever they want and still be thin and fit.

I never thought twice about the food I was eating.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, which is probably the most health-conscious city in the country, so I thought I knew all about eating healthy (turns out I was totally wrong).

See, as I got older, I started packing on some extra pounds. I was working 10 and 12 hours a day at a stressful job, which meant that I had no free time to work out.

Most of my meals were just whatever I could grab from the sandwich bar around the corner.

To put it bluntly, I felt like crap.

My skin was breaking out like a teenager, I was so tired that I crashed every day at 3 PM and needed an IV drip of caffeine to revive me.

I couldn't sleep at night, and I felt like I was running on an empty tank all the time.

I watched the scale climb higher and higher, and I couldn't see a way out.

I was fat and puffy. I had a double chin. I looked in the mirror and felt BAD. And when the scale hovered at 200 pounds, I said...

Enough is Enough!

I quit my stressful job, joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, and started eating the food that my trainer recommended:

More whole grains and salads, and less red meat and fat. In short, I did everything by the book. And it worked-for a while.

I started losing weight, building more muscle, and feeling a little bit better. So you're thinking this is the "happy ending" to the story, right?


Because after I lost that initial 20 pounds, I hit a brick wall. The scale got stuck and no matter what I did, it wouldn't budge any lower. I still had my ugly double chin that just wouldn't go away.

My trainer said, "You just have to work out more and eat less. You've got to eat more whole grains and low-fat foods. Make another salad."

So I followed his advice and did everything by the book...

I Felt Worse Than Ever!

I didn't feel good. I didn't look good...and I hated looking at myself in the mirror.

I blamed it on bad genetics. After all, I was following the conventional wisdom about weight loss:

Less food (especially fat) + more exercise = weight loss.

I figured I was just doomed to lug around those extra 40 pounds for the rest of my life. And then something happened...

The Breakfast That Changed My Life

I remember it like it was yesterday. A buddy of mine invited me to a Crossfit workout that his friend was leading. I had never tried Crossfit, so I said: "Sure, why not?" I had absolutely no idea what I was in for.

I showed up at the gym bright and early. I got one look at the instructor. My first impression was, "Whoa, this guy looks like a superhero." I'm not exaggerating when I say he had not an ounce of extra fat on him.

Everything was lean, hard muscle. See for yourself:

Chad Walding

He introduced himself as Chad, and then we got started with the workout, and he proceeded to totally kick my ass! My hours in the gym were nothing compared to the Crossfit workout (or should I say beating) that I got that morning with Chad.

I found out later that Chad has a Level I Crossfit certification, Crossfit Olympic lifting certification and Crossfit endurance certification.

No wonder I got my butt kicked!

And the whole time, as I'm huffing and puffing, I watched Chad barely break a sweat and thought, "I wish I had that kind of energy and stamina. I wonder what his secret is?"

Afterwards, I guess as a consolation, he invited me to breakfast. I ordered the usual: eggs, whole wheat toast, low-fat yogurt with fruit, and orange juice.

And what Chad said next completely shocked me:

"You know what you're eating is poison. right?"

I was floored. I thought I had a pretty healthy, balanced meal on my plate. However, I was also curious as to what the heck he was talking about.

And what Chad revealed to me over breakfast that fateful morning had a profound effect on me. He explained to me what our Paleolithic ancestors knew instinctively:

The Paleo Secret to Perfect Health

Nature intended us to eat a certain way. And, in fact, our ancestors did eat that way, for millions of years. Our "caveman" predecessors were lean, fit, and healthy. They didn't suffer from obesity or heart disease or diabetes.

But when modern ideas of "nutrition" began to change, a tectonic shift happened. Humans began avoiding the foods that were good for them, and instead began relying on foods that are making us fat and sick to this very day.

I listened intently to everything Chad said over breakfast, and I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical at first.

And then my curiosity overcame my doubt. I realized that I had nothing to lose (except extra weight.) It certainly couldn't hurt!

Chad explained that he and his wife Brenda, both physical therapists and experts in nutrition, had changed their food habits years ago. And from the way Chad looked, he had to be doing something right.

So I decided to try out Chad's "caveman diet" for myself...

I Was Totally Blown Away!

Within just 30 days of trying Chad's unusual eating plan (and boy, was I enjoying it!)

  • I lost 5 pounds almost immediately...
  • My skin cleared up...
  • I slept soundly for 8 hours straight every night...
  • and I had more energy than I knew what to do with!
Before After

After that first month, the changes were so dramatic and so incredible that I decided that I was never going back to my old ways.

I fired my personal trainer and canceled my gym membership, and I still had more energy than ever.

I began to spend more time in the kitchen cooking delicious meals, and my cravings for junk food totally disappeared.

I'll share how I did it in just a moment, so that you can get the same results (because Chad's secret isn't really a secret-it's built into our DNA...and it will work for anyone!).

"Completely Changed Inside and Out"

Chrissy B

"I ate "fat-free" and "sugar-free" artificial "food" because I thought it was good for me. You would think that with the lack of sugar and fat in my diet, I would have lost a lot of body fat, but because I was stuffing myself with protein and whole grains every 2-3 hours, I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. I also relied on caffeine and pre-workouts to have real energy most of the time. Eventually, I became concerned that my body was reacting negatively to something I was eating.

Shortly after, my friend told me about Paleo and how toxic grains are for our bodies. I decided to give it a try for 30 days to see if I was gluten-intolerant. Sure enough, within that 30 days, my stomach flattened, I lost more weight than I had in months, I had more energy than I knew what to do with, and I felt amazing! It only took 30 days for me to see and feel serious results, but it has taken me years to transform my body and mind. Going Paleo has completely changed me inside and out."

- Chrissy B.
Mobile, AL

"I Was Chubby...Now I'm HAPPY!"

Charby I

I was a chubby lad to say the least. This trend continued into my teens and well into my 20s despite my numerous attempts at fad diets, unhealthy eating plans, starvation, and exhausting exercise regimes.

It all came to a head one afternoon at the age of 25-I experienced acute chest pains. My GP was quick to order a series of blood tests. My liver, kidney, thyroid, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol results were dangerously out of whack-results that resembled a man two or three times my age and in very poor health. The same GP and two others were quite keen to put me on blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering medications. Absolutely NO frickin' way! At 175cm and weighing in at a hefty 95kgs, I decided enough was enough.

I was told in no uncertain terms that I was quickly following in my father's footsteps. Dad had his first heart attack at age 44, and his second at the age of 59. I was grateful for the wake-up call but not for the nutritional misinformation that followed. I adhered to conventional wisdom for three years: I followed the "healthy" food pyramid and exercised compulsively most days. I only succeeded in gaining more weight, feeling hungry all the time, and exhausting my adrenal glands further.

Today, at 30 years of age, weighing in at 69kg, I feel I have something important to share: a way of living, eating, and moving that will sustain me for the rest of my life. And I'm not hungry anymore.

There were some less obvious changes, too, that I began to notice over time: I stopped snoring, my anxiety lifted, my skin is clear, I am confident, my libido has skyrocketed, I feel loads faster on the sporting field, AND I'M HAPPY!

This had such a profound impact on my life that I decided to follow my passion. I am now a nutritional health coach and personal trainer at The Ancestral Body.

Shortly after, my friend told me about Paleo and how toxic grains are for our bodies. I decided to give it a try for 30 days to see if I was gluten-intolerant. Sure enough, within that 30 days, my stomach flattened, I lost more weight than I had in months, I had more energy than I knew what to do with, and I felt amazing! It only took 30 days for me to see and feel serious results, but it has taken me years to transform my body and mind. Going Paleo has completely changed me inside and out."

- Charby I.
Melbourne, Australia, The Ancestral Body

But first, I want to share with you the real reason why I was so big and unhealthy in the first place.

If you find yourself nodding and saying, "Yes, that's me!" don't worry-you're not alone.

Millions of people are being misled and confused every single day by...

The Four "Big Lies" That Are Keeping You Fat

These lies are the most common reasons that people fail when they try to lose weight. If you've ever been on a diet, you've come across one (or more) of these lies. So let's debunk them right now, once and for all:

Big Lie #1: "Low-Fat" and "Sugar-Free" Are Healthier

Sugar Free


Low-fat, fat-free, and sugar-free foods are usually marketed as healthier alternatives.

But that doesn't mean that they are actually healthy!

Here's the dirty little secret that they don't want you to know about.

"Fat free" and "sugar free" are just code words for "full of toxic chemicals."

You see, when something is marketed as "low-fat" what they don't tell you is that there's usually a LOT more sugar in there to compensate.

And foods that are "low sugar" or "sugar free"?

Well, they actually have TONS of artificial, chemical sugars like aspartame and saccharin, which have been linked to cancer and other diseases.

So, when you avoid these "fat free" and "no sugar added" products, you are reducing your risk of cancer (from all the chemical additives) and you slash your risk of diabetes (from all the extra sugar in low-fat foods)...

Isn't that an awesome thing to imagine, simply by avoiding any foods that say "low fat" on the packaging?

Big Lie #2: More Exercise=More Weight Loss



Sure, staying active with exercise and sports is a good thing.

But plodding along on the treadmill for an hour or two is not the most effective way to burn fat. In fact, it may actually slow down or halt your progress.

If you are pushing your body beyond its limits, you will not lose weight.

There are smart ways to exercise, tone, and burn fat (HINT: Think short and sweet).

Just don't automatically assume that more exercise=more weight loss, because you'll be making a huge mistake.

Big Lie #3: Eat Less Food to Slim Down

Less Food


Just about everyone has either heard or believed this common misconception.

It's spawned tons of diets that involve nothing more than starving yourself, or restricting calories to the point where you are desperate to fill your stomach with anything in sight...

And then you end up gorging yourself on junk food.

When you restrict calorie intake, your primal brain gets the message that there's a famine, and it should hold on to your fat stores to keep you from starving, making losing weight even harder.

It's not about how much you eat, it's about what you eat that matters.

This myth is not only false, it's downright dangerous! (If you restrict your calorie intake for long enough, it can lead to malnutrition or even an eating disorder.)

Bottom line: Don't do it. I'll show you what to do instead in just a moment.

Big Lie #4: Eating Fat Makes You Fat

Eating Fat


The truth is, eating fat is the perfect way to burn fat-if you know the right kinds of fats to eat.

Only certain kinds of fats will accelerate your weight loss, and the others? Are actually toxic.

Consuming the right balance of healthy fats trains your body to burn fat for fuel.

So pass the butter please, and don't feel guilty about that steak, either.

So, as you can see, this is not your fault. You have been lied to over and over again about the best way to lose weight and get fit.

And these lies are what's keeping you from having the body that you want.

If you are one of the millions that have fallen victim to the low-fat, low-carb restrictive diets that the weight loss industry (backed by Big Food) is selling, you must decide now to believe the truth instead.

If you do not, and you continue to eat these dangerous foods, not only do you halt your weight loss in its tracks, you probably gain more weight, and your body continues to fight a losing uphill battle.

Eventually, no matter how strong you are, you simply give up...on your health, and on your dream body.

I don't want this to happen to you. I've been there and I know how painful it is. And I know it's not the future you'd choose for yourself, either.

The diet and weight loss industry doesn't want you to know the truth.

I was skeptical at first, myself.

Until Chad showed me why everything I thought I knew about getting fit and losing weight was dead wrong.

However, there is a cure for all the deception and misinformation.

Everything is about to become clear in a moment as we dive into the solution, including what you should be doing to get the lean, toned body you deserve.

I will show you how to completely eliminate your junk food cravings while eating wholesome, delicious food whenever you are hungry.

Are You Ready To Melt Away Your Fat On The Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy, Creamy, Tasty, Savory, Healthy, Hearty "No-Diet" Program?

This natural way of eating is called PALEO.

It's the way our bodies were designed to eat.

And when you return to this way of eating, your entire body feels the amazing effects.

Here's how it works:

Eat the foods that our Paleo ancestors ate, and avoid the foods that they didn't have access to.

Simply by doing that, you drastically reduce inflammation in your body.

Inflammation is a major factor in diseases from cancer to arthritis to heart disease.

Foods that contain lots of chemicals, preservatives, and sugar will cause inflammation.

"Eat as Much as I Want and Continue to Lose!"


I decided to go complete Paleo on August 28, 2012. The first picture was taken that day! The second picture was taken on January 18, 2013-56 pounds lost. Before Paleo, I had bad stomach problems and headaches. I was always tired and stressed. Now I am eating as much real food as I want all day, and I am continuing to lose weight! I feel better than ever and will never go back to eating garbage again!!

- Tyler M.
Manahawkin, NJ

Paleo foods, on the other hand, will actually reduce inflammation and kickstart your metabolism, burning fat and transforming your body into a lean, sexy powerhouse.

Imagine how you feel knowing that you look great naked.

"We Feel 20 Years Younger and Loving Life"

Jane Steve

For years, my husband, Steve, had been trying to get off his high blood pressure meds. He even tried it "cold turkey," and that landed him in the hospital. He didn't want to think that without his meds he would ultimately die, but that was the reality.

After reading a Paleo article in a magazine, he shared it with me. "It makes perfect sense," he said. "Will you help me with it?" I read the article myself and knew we needed to try it.

So our journey began. Within a few days, Steve lost a few pounds. I was so happy for him. He had a new sense of accomplishment and energy I hadn't seen in many years. It wasn't till the first month that I saw weight loss myself-10 pounds... Wow.

I, too, was struggling with weight gain and thought that if I ate organic foods and took diet pills I would eventually win my battle of the beast. But no matter how few calories I took in or how many pull-ups, sit-ups, and miles I walked, I wasn't getting any results. By this time,

Steve had lost a total of 12 pounds in one month, and he started cutting his meds in half.

The second month showed steady weight loss as well-10 more pounds for Steve and an additional 5 pounds for me. But the most remarkable thing that happened that month was Steve didn't need his meds anymore! He went from having his BP at 110/75 with meds to BP readings of 100/65-without meds. That was so exciting!

Steve's follow-up visit with his heart specialist was scheduled that month, and when his doctor saw him, he couldn't believe that diet made the difference for Steve. He even confessed that they really don't teach too much about nutrition in medical school ... so sad.

We have been on Paleo ever since. Steve has lost a total of 50 pounds. He's down to the same weight he was in high school: 145 pounds, 5'6" with a 29" waist. He enjoys life again, he feels great, his BP is 110/60, his hair is shiny, his eyes are bright. He feels like he has found the fountain of youth. As for me, I've lost 40 pounds. My skin is tight, I wear a size 6 (down from a size 12), my hair is shiny as well, my energy level is incredible, and we are loving life.

For anyone on the fence who doesn't think this will work for them, take the 30-day challenge. You will look better, feel better, and know your body will love you for it. We are in our 50s, but we feel like we are in our 30s. If someone had told us about this 20 years ago, we probably wouldn't have known what aging really was. It's never too late, and thank goodness we know now.

- Jane & Steve F.
Humble, TX

When you follow a Paleo way of eating, your weight loss goes on autopilot.

All you have to do is focus on eating the right kinds of delicious foods.

That's it.

Once you do that, the weight begins to fall off naturally!

No more craving junk food (this is why most people FAIL at diets), no more worrying about how many minutes you've spent on the treadmill (in fact, as we know, running on the treadmill can HARM your body), and no more obsessing about your weight.

All this means that you can...

Never Worry About Your Weight Again!

When I started changing my diet, I had Chad to guide and help me along the way.

And when I began feeling 100% better and watching the weight fall off, I said to Chad, "Everybody should know about this!"

Chad agreed with me. He and Brenda were helping clients in their physical therapy practice, some of them who were 500 lbs. or more and could barely get out of bed.

"Imagine the incredible results for all of these people if they could just make the change back to the optimal way of eating?"

That's why Chad and Brenda have made it their mission to share Paleo with as many people as possible.

And to do that, they've read all the books, done all the research, and used their own years of experience to put together the complete ultimate how-to guide for getting started with a Paleo lifestyle.


The Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

I'm inviting you to take the Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge, just like I did.

The Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge is the product of Chad and Brenda Walding's years of research, hard work, and experience with the Paleo lifestyle.

Chad and Brenda are both Doctors of Physical Therapy, and Brenda is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, as well as a yoga teacher. This expertise has enabled them to pinpoint exactly where people need the most help with diet, health, and weight loss, and tailor the solution to meet the demands of people's busy schedules and real life.

In short, this is something that is easy, totally do-able, and incredibly rewarding. During your 30 Day Challenge, you eat delicious food whenever you feel hungry. It is the last diet you will ever need to lose all the weight you want and revitalize your health without hours in the gym, supplements, "low-fat" foods, or calorie-counting programs.

The best part is, it works even if you have:

  • Diabetes (This can actually resolve some types of diabetes!)
  • Thyroid problems
  • A busy schedule
  • Take medications
  • Injuries that prevent you from working out
  • A lot of weight to lose
  • Or if you think you've tried everything!

Lost Over 100 Pounds Going "Cold Turkey"!


My name is Carlos Mendez, and I found out about the Paleo lifestyle in July 2011. I was 23 years old and weighed just over 367 pounds. I am guessing because the scale at the gym read "ERR" every time I stepped on it. 367 was the last time I actually weighed on a scale that could weigh me. I started the Paleo and CrossFit lifestyle, and I haven't looked back since. The first months were the hardest-going Paleo is one thing, but Paleo and working out at River City CrossFit is a whole different animal.

After the first eight months, I had lost 100 pounds, and I am down to about 250 pounds as of June 25, 2013.

Going back to living an unhealthy lifestyle has never crossed my mind. Once you really just live a low-inflammatory-diet lifestyle, you will start to realize you have been eating wrong your entire life. Add some fish oil in, and you're golden. My advice to anyone wanting to start is don't wait. Go in cold turkey-it's the only way!!!

I'm eating as much real food as I want all day, and I am continuing to lose weight! I feel better than ever and will never go back to eating garbage again!!

- Carlos M.
San Antonio, TX

"The Proof is in the Gluten-Free Pudding!"

I was convinced to try Paleo after a good friend suggested, "You can do anything for 30 days." I thought, why not give it a shot? After all, it wouldn't be the first time I'd tried a diet for that long! The first couple of weeks were an adjustment and came with some headaches, which in hindsight I see were related to my body detoxing from sugar. This was the hardest part. The next two weeks were about dedicating myself to cooking more creative recipes, and I enjoyed it a lot. I got used to prepping, cooking, and having readily available snacks to keep me satiated all day long.

At the end of 30 days, my weight loss was nearing 15 pounds. When I saw results like this, it was harder to think about going back than about moving forward, so I kept it up. Month after month, I got better and became smarter about eating choices. Introducing back a few items like fruit or occasional carbs became an exception rather than the previous rule. The weight loss inspired me to get my fitness levels up, and the weight continued to melt off.

In just under six months, I saw a net loss of 30 pounds. Even after a jaunt to Europe and subsequent bread and pastry indulgences, my body has continued to fight the weight gain. Living this way made me healthier and more energetic, and it saved me from my former daily stomach aches, pains, and bloats.

Paleo became easier over time because it's a way of life and no longer a "diet" at all. So many small changes are so simple yet eye-opening. They are life-changing principles that have led to a more balanced way of eating. I'm so grateful for being introduced to this lifestyle and plan to continue to introduce it to the people nearest to me. My mom has lost 47 pounds, and my fiance has lost more than 35 pounds, so as they say, the proof is in the gluten-free pudding!

- Tovah S.
Los Angeles, CA

Now, let me tell you what the Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge is NOT, just so you know exactly what you're about to experience.

It's NOT:

  • A magic pill solution. You will see amazing results, but you'll have to stick to the guidelines and put in some effort.
  • A "fad" diet. Humans ate this way for millions of years. It's actually a return to what really works best for our bodies.
  • A gimmick. There is a LOT of scientific evidence out there to support Paleo eating, plus results from hundreds of thousands of people who have chosen to "go Paleo"
  • This is not a crash diet, a torture diet, or a kill-yourself in the gym diet.

On the contrary, it's not really a diet at all-it's a lifestyle where weight loss is just one of the amazing "side effects."

Your face will look younger...and younger...and younger, your skin will clear up-from the very first week. And you will lose all the weight you want and never gain an ounce of it back.

You can retrain how your body burns fat, and you can destroy the damaging eating patterns that have been keeping you from your goal weight for years. Once you do it, it will be practically impossible for you to go back to the same old way you are eating.

Now let's get something straight. I'm not a bodybuilder, trainer, or fitness expert. I'm just a regular, used-to-be-fat guy who was lucky enough to meet the one person that opened my eyes to the benefits of eating what our body was designed to eat.

I know enough to stick with a good thing, and I'm sure you do too. So it's only fair that I be absolutely 100% honest with you.

If you're looking for a magic pill or supplement that will magically melt off all your extra fat overnight (that you secretly know will never, ever work for you)...Then leave this page now.

But if you want to wake up, bursting with energy, and look in the mirror and really admire what you see: clear skin, thick, shiny hair, and a rocking hot body with a slim waist, toned muscles, and great abs, then this is the only way you should be eating.

After all, it's the food that our bodies were built to eat. It's the most natural way of eating you can imagine. And it also happens to be incredibly delicious.

New studies are starting to back up what the human race has known for millennia:

  • The New England Journal of Medicine
  • The Mayo Clinic
  • The American Society for Nutrition
  • The American Journal of Cardiology
  • Preventive Medicine and others...

All conclude that a Paleo lifestyle can lead to significant improvements in health, energy, and overall physical fitness.

Specific studies linked the Paleo lifestyle to lowered risk for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, and significant improvements for people with these conditions.

Other studies showed that eating Paleo resulted in much more effective weight loss than other diets.

But the most convincing proof that I can give you that this works is to invite you to try it for yourself (more on that in a minute).

We'll clue you in to which foods are actually poisoning your body and contributing to all kinds of diseases, and which foods can slow or reverse the negative effects and kick on your fat-burning switch.

"I Felt So Full of Life That I Forgot to Weigh In!"


When I was originally introduced to Paleo, I viewed it as a diet and was even concerned it may be a fad. Not the case-Paleo is a lifestyle choice. I chose to eat and live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. When I decided to live the Paleo life, I weighed in at 282 pounds; six weeks later, I weighed 240 pounds.

I was only supposed to make a go of it for four weeks, but I had so much energy and felt so full of life that I forgot to weigh in after the four weeks were up! It was not until someone mentioned how well I looked that I remembered I was also losing weight while living this healthier life.

As someone who has always been overweight, I could not believe the energy I had. I found it was easy to stay alert and energetic throughout the day. I would be driving home from the office and still feel like I wanted to go for a bike ride or take a walk.

After six weeks, my wife and two kids adopted the Paleo lifestyle entirely into our home. I have a 14-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter who have now lived the Paleo lifestyle for a year. I could not be happier knowing they will grow up living a much healthier life than I did.

- Kenny P.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Right now, you are just...

One Month Away From Success!

Here's what you'll get when you start the

Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge:

30 Day Challenge
First you get the Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge: Change Your Diet, Transform Your Life ebook.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • On page 49, you'll discover the key to health that has nothing to do with food or exercise. This is so important that it can halt your weight loss progress if you don't take steps to avoid it.
  • Why, despite amazing advances in Western medicine, we are just getting sicker and sicker...and how you can immediately lower your risk for the most common killer diseases of our modern day, simply by cutting out one harmful type of food!
  • How you can eat all the bacon you want without the guilt.
  • Why you should eat whenever you feel hungry (and savor each and every bite).
  • Everything that you think you know about cholesterol is wrong (and how you can use the truth to your fat-burning advantage!)
  • The #1 thing that Americans are addicted to (the answer will surprise you) and how you can pull yourself out of the cycle of addiction.
  • And much, much more...

Yet, you're not only receiving the ebook today.

We'd like to give you, free of charge, these amazing bonuses to help your transition to Paleo be completely easy, painless, and fun!

Get The Skinny
Bonus #1:

Get the Skinny on Fat Guide

($39.95 VALUE!)

Clears up the mystery surrounding good fats, bad fats, and why you should eat more of these fats to lose weight fast. This short guide is packed full of real-life practical information that debunks all the myths about cholesterol, healthy fats, and which you should avoid at all costs if you value your health.

Shopping Guide
Bonus #2:

Paleo Secret Complete Shopping Guide

($39.95 VALUE!)

We've compiled a quick-reference guide for you to take to the supermarket. What's Paleo, what's not, and the best ways to get great bargains. This is a full list of the foods you can (and should) eat when you begin your 30 Day Challenge.

Some of them may be new to you, but all of them are delicious.

Tips on Eating Out Guide
Bonus #3:

Tips on Eating Out Guide

($39.95 VALUE!)

You can take Paleo "on the go" no matter where you are in the world. This guide will help you find delicious Paleo options in any restaurant menu... And avoid the super-sneaky ingredients that restaurants are putting in your food without you knowing!

Plus, here's my...

Super Insane Take-Action Bonus

If you take action right now, you'll be rewarded for your wise decision with this amazing bonus:

Bonus #5 :

45 Incredible Recipes From Some of the Best Paleo Chefs!

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Clears up the mystery surrounding good fats, bad fats, and why you should eat more of these fats to lose weight fast. This short guide is packed full of real-life practical information that debunks all the myths about cholesterol, healthy fats, and which you should avoid at all costs if you value your health.

I Can Hear Your Question Now...

Chris, how much is this going to be?

Well, I've personally spent upwards of $5,000 on gym memberships, diet programs, and personal trainers...that didn't work.

Chad and Brenda charge between $200 and $300 for just ONE private session.

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30 Day Challenge

The total value of The Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge ebook plus all the bonuses is over $250.

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Or the medical bills and cost of medication that you'll eventually need if you keep eating the same way as you are NOW...

And let's not even talk about the ultimate price: pain, suffering, and early death from the serious health problems that will result from continuing to eat the wrong foods.

And that isn't what you deserve.

So let's make this a really easy decision, okay ?

We are deciding to offer the Paleo Secret at such a huge discount today because this is about something more than just losing weight.

If you're reading this, you know that what you're doing right now is not working.

You will change more than your diet-you will change your thinking, your health, and, ultimately, your life.

Once I experienced the incredible benefits of eating and living Paleo, I became 100% committed to getting the message out to as many people as possible.

So we're inviting you to join thousands of other men and women who are ready to reinvent their body, reinvigorate their energy, and replace ugly fat with sexy muscle tone and a hot figure...

And above all share that new life and body with the world!

The bottom line is, we want as many people to join our cause as possible: real food and the most natural way of eating.

Now you can join a worldwide food revolution that goes back to the basics, away from all the processed junk that is making us fat, tired, puffy, and ugly.

That means that today, you will not be paying $247. Not even close.

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30 Day Challenge

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Here's Why It's Basically FREE:

Our Iron Clad 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!


We invite you to take the Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge for a full 30 days. Eat when you are hungry and take the time to really enjoy your food, and don't worry too much about exercise. And start seeing your clothes getting looser and your fat disappearing...

Start feeling more energy and sleeping more soundly at night... Watch your health improve dramatically...

At the end of 30 days, if you are not completely blown away by the Paleo Secret, I insist you ask us for a full refund. In fact, you have 90 days to request a refund to give you some more time to really see the results. Either way-you win. In fact, the only way you can lose is if you do nothing. But I urge you to move quickly because I don't know how long I'll be able to keep the price this low.

30 Day Challenge

Special Discount Expires on June 1st at midnight

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"I was feeling better in a matter of weeks"


I saw a series of doctors and other health professionals in an attempt to figure out what was going on with my body. A nurse practitioner told me to "eat more roughage"; a family physician diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gave me a pill to help "only the colon" retain water; a surgeon gave me a pointless MRI; a few chiropractors each helped a little in their own way; and a colon hydro therapist referred me to an amazing herbalist.

[Then I discovered] Paleo. I fell in love with the idea and dove into learning all I could. Once I tried it, I was hooked. Two years post-Paleo, I discovered my hypothyroidism was really Hashimoto's thyroiditis, a debilitating autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid-even more reason to continue my healthy lifestyle!

I was feeling better in a matter of weeks. Now I am a holistic nutrition consultant and specialize in Paleo and CrossFit coaching. Nutrition has become my passion during my amazing journey to health, and I look forward to helping more people discover the health secrets I learned along the way.

- Christine Ybarra
Cedar Park, TX, Paleo Made Easy

Here are the most common questions people ask about the Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge, and the answers to help you out:

Q: What if I don't know how to cook?

A: The 30 Day Challenge is designed to get you in the kitchen cooking delicious meals from scratch even if you can barely boil an egg. It takes a bit of practice but you'll have step by step instructions so that anyone can do it!

Q: I don't think I can give up some of my favorite foods.

A: That's the beautiful thing about Paleo. Once your body gets used to running at optimum levels, you won't crave the old foods anymore. It allows you to cut the chains and break free from cravings and addictions to the wrong foods.

Q: I'm on a budget and can't afford organic food. Can I still do this?

A: Eating Paleo on a budget is quite simple. In fact, you may find that you save money because you're not buying packaged foods. If you can't afford organic, do your best to buy the best quality you can.

Q: Can the rest of my family, including my kids, eat Paleo?

A: YES! You will be starting your kids off with great eating habits, a healthier immune system, and a love of vegetables that will last all their lives!

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  • You are experiencing the life you were meant to live, and the body you were meant to have at long last!

Yes, it's true that your health and weight problems, until today, have not been your fault.

It's also true that you've been lied to by the big food companies, and the diet and weight loss industry, and everyone who tells you that "eat less, exercise more" is the only way to lose weight.

So today is your opportunity to wipe the slate clean, to put an end to the lies, and start over with the Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge.

I am so positive that if you give Paleo a chance you WILL see the results that so many others have seen...and I'm backing it up with an unconditional guarantee.

30 Day Challenge

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To Your Health,

chris clark

Chris Clark

P.S. Just do not put this off one second longer. Here's why:

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Let's make sure you get what you really want.

And do the only smart thing you can do:

Take advantage of this limited offer while you still can...

And wisely get on the right path to the healthiest lifestyle for your body.

Special Discount Expires on June 1st at midnight

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Our Iron Clad 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!


We invite you to take the Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge for a full 30 days. Eat when you are hungry and take the time to really enjoy your food, and don't worry too much about exercise. And start seeing your clothes getting looser and your fat disappearing...

Start feeling more energy and sleeping more soundly at night... Watch your health improve dramatically...

At the end of 30 days, if you are not completely blown away by the Paleo Secret, I insist you ask us for a full refund. In fact, you have 90 days to request a refund to give you some more time to really see the results. Either way-you win. In fact, the only way you can lose is if you do nothing. But I urge you to move quickly because I don't know how long I'll be able to keep the price this low.