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30 Day Challenge

Annie Crino Testimonial

June 21st, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Hi Brenda and Chad!

I completed the 30-Day challenge and feel wonderful!

My new jeans that I just purchased two months ago are already falling off.  I am now at my goal weight and was able to lose 8 pounds.

I  have struggled with IBS like symptoms my whole life and now finally feel relief.  I am less bloated, have no gas and only have minimal diarrhea.

I have already recommended your program to family and plan to slowly introduce it to my children.  They are already eating more berries, apples and avocados. I plan to continue this way of eating.

Thank you so much!  I am so glad I found you!

Annie Crino
Southport CT

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30 Day Challenge

Paula Raudenbush Testimonial

June 20th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized
Hello. I just finished the 30-day challenge and here are my results:
First, I didn’t do this to lose weight. I did it because I knew I needed to clean up my diet. I’ve been very diligent about getting my meat/chicken/pork/etc from a local butcher who sells only local, grass-fed meat. I personally know the chickens who provide my free-range eggs. I’ve used only grass-fed butter and ghee and extra virgin olive oil. Our local farmers market provides all the organic veggies and fruit I could ever want. We have a great supermarket (Wegman’s) that has a huge organic selection. It’s been easy to get what I need. That said, I really don’t know how to cook very well so I’ve been learning which has turned out to be fun.
I thought that giving up sugar would be the hardest thing, but sugar was not a problem. What was more difficult was bread. Not so much for the bread itself but because it was always (along with crackers) a “carrier” for meat and cheese. The thing I really craved most was cheese. There was one time when I had a very small piece of birthday cake to celebrate with my 95-yr-old friend. I felt awful afterward. I also had a small bit of lasagna when it was that or go hungry. Again I didn’t feel too well after.
One thing I noticed almost right away was how much better my food tasted. Another thing that happened about 8 days in was my energy level soared. It has stayed high and feels great. My blood pressure, for which I take medications, is at a record low.
And, the main reason I started this program was to downgrade the inflammation in my spine. I still have some back pain but the pain in my knees and hips has disappeared totally.
I didn’t take any photos but I did check my weight and I lost 8 pounds.
I intend to continue with this program. There’s no denying how much better I feel so I know it’s working and I’m enjoying my food so much more that I’m sure it’s going to stick. Also, since I’m not buying so much junk food, my grocery bill hasn’t really changed all that much even though what I’m buying is more expensive. I’m looking forward to trying new things and learning more about cooking.
Thank you for the encouraging emails. It helped to know I wasn’t doing this all by myself even though it never really felt difficult. I never had cravings. I didn’t tell many people what I was doing  but I found it hard not to talk about it. My friends have noticed the difference. Now I’m encouraging others to try it—especially the people who could benefit most from it—but I’ve waited till I could speak from personal experience.
Thank you for helping me change my life.
30 Day Challenge

Norma Becker Testimonial

June 19th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

My name is Norma, I’m 83 years old living in Denver, CO.

I just finished my  Challenge and I was amazed how fast the 30-days went by because I didn’t feel like I was on a diet. I decided to participate mostly for my health.

It has helped my acid reflux and joints. Plus as a side benefit I lost 8.5 pounds. I’m very impressed with Paleo and will continue living on this food plan.

I’m also thankful for Chad and Brenda’s daily emails. Their support helped tremendously! I also really enjoyed and found the private Facebook page very helpful!

Thank You,  All in all, I’m very happy and look forward to a lifetime of Paleo.

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30 Day Challenge

Scott McFarland Testimonial

June 18th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized
Hi my name is Scott McFarland.  I live in Harrow, Ontario, Canada.
I too have been failed by a hoax healthcare system!!
My story begins many years ago.  I was extremely stressed and the victim of poor diet.  That lead to a severe case of hemorrhoids that “required” surgery, according to the doctors.  After the surgery, at age 23, things did not get any better.  In fact, they came back worse.  Thankfully, I had learned one thing throughout this process, never do that surgery again! I sought a natural way as we are natural beings.
For several years I suffered but I never went back to a doctor for this issue.  I had found relief in the form of an infusion I made of coconut oil and cannabis.  Applied externally via a cotton pad would keep them controlled and soak up the leakage caused by that dam surgery.  This method had gotten me through for several years.  It was still a dependency that I could gladly do without.
Then I found Turmeric.  I kept researching and eventually added turmeric to my diet in any way I could.  Adding it to my eggs, making teas with it and adding to anything I could think of.
Immediately I started to feel and be healthier.  My wife would get sick or the whole family would get sick and I wouldn’t.
More research and I found you!  I’m almost finished with my first bottle of turmeric capsules and the results are amazing.  Within the first week I could not feel the pain and itch from my hemorrhoids. By the end of the second week my little friends were almost gone!
I have also suffered from chronic shoulder and chest pain( surgery #2 ) since I was 17  ( football ) and have almost no pain associated with this. Even during installing a 24′ above ground pool in my back yard that required a lot of digging.  I honestly believe I could not have done this project without the  Turmeric capsules.
As stated earlier, I excelled in football back in the day and suffered many injuries.  I suffered many concussions and could feel the cloudy effects of them in my daily business.  After taking your turmeric I feel sharp and clear again.
I have made great strides in my health in the last 30-days.  Eating healthier as often as I could and making better, smarter and more mature choices.  I did not embrace the challenge entirely, but I did what I could.  I have no pictures to share but I have lost some weight and woke up some sleepy muscles by being more physical.
You have given me more options and strengthened my ability to make better choices, not only for me but for my young family.  I am now 36 and in better health than almost the last 20 years!!
Thank you so much.
30 Day Challenge

Michele LoPresti Testimonial

June 15th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Hi, I’m Michele from central Florida and I’m 61 years young.
I don’t have any photos since I don’t want to remember that I let myself get so fat.
I don’t want anything to remind me of how stupid I’ve been about food for the past few years.

Anyway.. the positives now.
I did really well on my 30-DC, better than I’ve ever done when “dieting”. Sticking to the food guidelines knowing
it was a way of life and not just another diet was a big help in my opinion.

I lost weight, about 7 pounds.  Good start and I’m pleased with that.  I have about 40 more to go.
I have health issues (don’t we all!) Like most people my age I have osteoarthritis.  I also have
Multiple Sclerosis and scoliosis.  The MS keeps me from doing a lot of physical activities and
so keeps me from getting enough exercise on a daily basis.

Once I started eating Paleo I found my energy level did increase, and I’ve been able to do more even within
the confines of MS. I can’t get too over active or I’ll be down and out for a few days. But I’m still
getting more exercise than before and that’s a good thing.

My arthritis has been in check as well.  Inflammation is definitely reduced.  I have carpal tunnel as well and
usually have to shake out my hands from time to time or they go numb and ache.  I type at a computer all day for work and
I thought I was going to be scheduling a carpal tunnel release sometime over the summer. But even the pain and numbness
in my hands is reduced. Funny story, talking to my sister on the phone I usually have to change the phone from side
to side every few minutes because my hand will go numb. After an hour-long conversation with her a few days ago, I suddenly
yelled out “Oh my gosh! I just realized I haven’t had to change the phone from my left hand to my right!”   It really was
quite the revelation :0)

My favorite change has been in my head. And by that I mean the calmness I feel now rather than the anxious non-stop thoughts
running through my brain.  I don’t seem to have those “internal” conversations anymore. No more replaying the days’ events over
and over until I’m so stressed out I want to scream.  That’s been a huge benefit for me.

I’m sure there are more benefits I can’t recall at the moment, but this will do.  I’m staying on for another 30 day challenge to
see what new benefits I can reap.

Thank you for the daily emails. I started my day with the daily email and they gave me hope and courage.

Michele LoPresti

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30 Day Challenge

Brian Schatzman Testimonial

June 14th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Made the 30-day challenge without too many problems. Had a couple of rough days but not too bad. I actually did calorie counting for a month before starting the 30 day challenge and went from 177.5 to 171.5 lbs. Started the 30 day at 171.5 and ended up at 162.5 lbs. I like the fact that the weight loss is gradual and not to radical. That makes me feel as though I will be able to maintain the weight.

 What impressed me the most about the Paleo trial was that I wasn’t hungry all the time like I was with the calorie counting. Of course it was great that I was putting “good” calories in my body. An added benefit was that most of my digestive problems went away. Very little heartburn and no more acid reflux at night. I’m still having problems getting enough sleep at night so that is my next big hurdle to deal with.
I plan on continuing with the Paleo lifestyle and learning more new dishes to keep it interesting.
I didn’t see a big difference in the before and after pictures but I do know that my clothes are fitting a lot better.
Thank you for all the great information and encouragement during the challenge. You make a great team and have very positive attitudes!
Brian Schatzman
El Dorado Hills, CA
30 Day Challenge

Susan Goedert Testimonial

June 14th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Hi, I’m Sue from Grand Rapids Mi.

Yesterday was day 30 and I’m so glad I did this! I’m 58, got divorced this winter, broke my wrist and hurt my shoulder. Needless to say, I did a lot of sitting and was always hungry. Before I started this lifestyle I was at 240 lbs, my heaviest ever. I also had acid reflex, have been on Pantoprozole for 5 years.

Within a week I was off it and all my supplements except Magnesium. I started on the heartburn medication because I was losing my voice and it was getting lower. Even without my medication, my voice is getting better. Last week I was able to sing in a normal register for the first time in almost 6 years! That’s besides the 17.5 pounds I lost and many inches. Last night my daughter said it looks like I’ve lost twice that much!

I’m starting to move again which is wonderful! After the fall I was pretty nervous about doing anything, but Monday I did a brisk 35 minute walk around my apartment complex  would allowed met to see part I didn’t realize we had!  This program is a real gift to myself.

I had been checking-in with my doctor while taking the 30-day challenge. I dropped the lectins for this which I’m highly allergic to  along with garlic and eggs. Prior to the challenge my doctor told me I have arthritis in my shoulder which he wanted to do a shot in the joint. Now the pain is totally gone since I started taking turmeric and collagen. Can’t wait to see how these next few months go!

The Facebook group has almost been the best part of the program. The encouragement and ideas have been key! Thank you!!

Sue Goedert

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30 Day Challenge

Sharon Barrow Testimonial

June 8th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Hi Chad and Brenda –

I am thrilled to report that I have lost a total of 12 pounds on the 30-day challenge!  I didn’t take my measurements at that time, but I know without a doubt that I have lost several inches in my waistline and hips.

Absolutely love this program and I’m so excited about the changes in my eating habits.  I have not suffered from any real cravings the entire time and feel very satisfied after I eat a meal.

It has been an eye-opening experience to realize just how much better clean food tastes and how much more I enjoy eating using this lifestyle choice.

I’m 65 and have struggled with my weight for several years. Now I believe and know that I can DO this.  This will be my new lifestyle even after I reach my goal weight.  Since I started Paleo I have experienced improved movement, lessening joint pain, increased stamina and energy, and better sleep.  One of these is worth the effort to do the program, to get all of them is just amazing and wonderful.

Thanks to you and your team for your informative emails, recipes and ongoing support.  A great program and I would recommend to anyone.

Sorry but no weight loss photos.  I have photos for myself but not any that I would care to share.

Best regards,

Sharon Barrow

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30 Day Challenge

Cindy Paden Testimonial

June 8th, 2018 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Hello, my name is Cindy and I’m 63 years old.

Something needed to be done, I was nearing 200 pounds!!

All of my life I have had tea and coffee with milk and sugar (often 1 Tbsp. per cup). First thing in the morning I would drink a cup to curb my appetite, but the sugar crash would make me hungry again. Then I would drink another cup and have a bowl of cereal. Every time I had a sugar crash I would make a cup of tea, again with milk and sugar.

For about a year I have been reading about the Paleo Secret, but it was when my niece introduced me to French-Press coffee that I thought I might be able to do it. The French-Press coffee was much smoother (less bitter) than the pour-over coffee I had been making. She also used soy milk instead of regular milk, and together the coffee was much more palatable without sugar.

I signed up for the 30-day challenge a few days later after shopping for new clothes. The first day of the challenge I was out of town for a wedding. We went out to dinner that night and when it came time to order I learned something very important. Everyone was ordering pasta and pizza, but there was an option to order grilled salmon at twice the price! Felling guilty about the cost, and had to make myself order the healthier option. I felt so much better after eating the high-protein, low-carb meal than I would have if I had eaten the high-carb foods.

Realizing my whole life I have chosen food solely based on cost in mind, rather than nutrition. Now I remind myself that my health and energy were important enough to spend extra money on my food. I bought unsweetened almond milk, a lot of avocados, frozen scallops from Trader Joes ($17 per bag!), and other foods I loved but didn’t usually buy because of the cost.  Now I  have a cup or two of French-Press coffee, made with unsweetened Almond Milk (Trader Joes Brand has <1 g carbs and 40 calories per cup). I quickly became used to the taste and have been drinking that every morning throughout the challenge, completely giving up tea over the rest of the day.

I have also found if I am diligent about eating enough protein and avoiding the high-carb foods, my cravings go away. It is so nice not to be a slave to those cravings, often feeling like I have to eat something, anything, to make them go away.

While I did not take photos, I can feel the difference after 30 days on the challenge. My belly is visibly smaller, and not filling out my shirt as it used to, and my thighs feel thinner. My final weight is hard to determine, since I weighed in when I was out of town and I am out of town again, in a totally different place. I would say I lost 3-4 pounds, but my body feels very different.

Everyday I’m feeling lighter and I have more energy. Planning to continue with the paleo diet as my new way of eating. I have not been perfect, but I have made some major changes. I don’t use sugar anymore, I stopped using milk and cheese, and have almost completely eliminated processed foods. Discovering  that it is not a matter of giving up things, it is a matter of finding new things to take their place that satisfy in a better, healthier way!

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30 Day Challenge

Jacqui Thomas Testimonial

June 7th, 2018 | Testimonials

My name is Jacqui Thomas and I am 72 years young.

I had a lot of problems  with my health. I had daily headaches, lack of energy, always felt lethargic, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and memory problems. My Dr. put me on medications for all my problems and increased my medications for my high cholesterol.

Then my son-in-law told me about Paleo Diet. I was not impressed at first, then I started following you online. I bought most of your recipe books and started following your eating plan.

My list to my Dr. last month was most impressive my LDL went from 193 to 93, my BP from 160/90 to 130/7, my memory was so improved that I was able to pass the test. She was so impressed that my next visit has been changed from 3 month to 6 months.

I have lost inches, but not much weight as I was not doing any exercise. I will keep you updated on my progress as I make this my new lifestyle. After completing the 30-day, I more energy and my clothes  now are looser on me. The most weight off so far is 8 pounds.



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