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30 Day Challenge

Dory Testimonial

July 21st, 2017 | Testimonials

Hi Brenda & Chad,

I’ve lost 11 lbs. so far doing the 30-Day Challenge.

I’m fitting into my clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for a while now, and I lost 4 inches on my waistline actually.

Ever since I started the Paleo 30-Day Challenge, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my body too – I have less stomachache, sleep 8-9 hours now, have more energy, etc.

I will continue this lifestyle for the rest of my life now that I noticed the big difference from what I used to feel.

It wasn’t easy to start this program but once you get the hang of it, it’s like second nature. Thank you so much for all the support – those emails you sent me really helped a lot and were an eye opener for me.

The Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge changed my life! Thank you Drs. Brenda & Chad! I’m hoping that more people will try your program.


Dory Malabanan
64 years young
Canton, MI


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30 Day Challenge

Lisa Testimonial

July 20th, 2017 | Testimonials


My name is Lisa Essig and I have completed my 30-Day Challenge.  I am 51 years young and live in the small town of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania.

Before the challenge I was feeling simply sluggish. I had gained 10 pounds which I know doesn’t sound like a lot however I was not only feeling the weight but just over all feeling run down, slow, and disgusting. I have always been in good shape with high energy. It was all slipping away from me. I decided I needed to make a change.

I have always liked the Paleo way, but with a family who loves junk food, it was really hard for me. So, I decided to take your challenge and told my family about the challenge and that they would just have to support me. I do most all of the cooking and without them really understanding it they ended up eating more Paleo than they even realized. I got a kick out of them eating healthier and not even knowing it.

Now that the challenge is over I can say with 100% certainty that it may no longer be a challenge however it will never be over. Paleo has become my new and permanent way of life. I love it!!!!!!!!!

I have lost 5 of the 10 pounds which to me is very successful. My BMI is at 20.4 which is great.  But more than the weight loss I am so very excited because I feel GREAT. I feel healthier and have more energy and overall really happy that I have taken control of my life.

What is next – well I have to say I am super excited about this – I have been inspired to start walking more and decided to make that my next challenge. I am now training to walk 1/2 marathon in September. With my energy level higher and my eating habits firmly in place this should be fun.

From the bottom of my heart I must thank both of you for all your support, your emails, your research and willingness to share. You have made a positive difference in my life and I will always be very grateful.

I am not attaching pictures, as you can’t really see a 5-pound difference. – But I can feel it:)  Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lisa Essig


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30 Day Challenge

Barbara Testimonial

July 19th, 2017 | Testimonials

Dear Dr. Chad and Dr. Brenda,

I am very thankful for the abundance of instruction you have given me.

The end result was that I lost 10 pounds, and I seem to have slimmed down all around. The daily e-mails have been extremely informative and I have been enjoying trying out different recipes. I plan to avoid the grains and pastas and breads, as well as limit dairy and sweets.

The biggest change I am making long-term is to cut out the carbs from the grains and pasta. It was new information for me to learn about the need for “good fats”. I am also trying to get more sleep, as I generally would sleep much less than what you have suggested.

I have gleaned so much from the morning stretches, the Thrive Market, the encouragement and the vast number of videos. I have definitely made changes in the way I eat, and plan to continue with these changes.

Thank you wholeheartedly for pouring your hearts and souls into helping others achieve long-term health benefits. I have also just started with the Paleo Flat Belly Challenge.


Than you
Barbara Zona
Sylvania, Ohio


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Heather Before & After

Heather Testimonial

July 14th, 2017 | Testimonials

My name is Heather, and I am 38 years old. I live in Boise, Idaho. I ate relatively well before attempting to go Paleo, but refined carbs were definitely a good part of my diet. I would also occasionally do things like eat taco bell quesadillas or chick-fil-a. No more of that though! It’s amazing what self control comes with realizing refined carbs and chemicals are doing to your insides!

I definitely have not gone 100% Paleo, but my biggest goal is to eat as much whole food as possible. I’ve replaced pasta with spaghetti squash. I will only eat flour-less bread, in moderation, as I have found it doesn’t irritate my stomach.

I’ve also largely given up dairy. I still partake in high quality unsalted, butter, but I buy coconut milk instead of cow milk, and one of the biggest things I’ve stopped doing is buying cheese! I’ll still put a small amount of feta or goat cheese in a salad, but I’ve definitely stopped with the blocks of cheese and box of crackers… that has been a challenge, but obviously worth it!

In the first photo I weighed 131 lbs. and in the second I weigh 127 lbs. definitely have noticed a difference in the way my clothing fits, and that’s always exciting. I am looking forward to getting started with the Flat Belly Flow workouts and continuing to expand my Paleo skills. I think the stronger I get in the kitchen, the more able I’ll be to finally go 100% Paleo, and that will be a fun goal to work towards

The biggest thing I’ve noticed since cutting the refined carbs is not feeling bloated at all, but still being able to eat enough to feel satisfied. That is definitely important to me, because I don’t like being hungry. I am a massage therapist which means I need energy to give my clients the best care possible. They deserve that and if I walked into my studio looking like I was trying to starve myself, they would probably run in the other direction, as they should. Who wants someone weak and frail to try to release their rectus femoris? Not me!

As a therapist, I am always looking for ways to improve on presenting myself as the healthiest and strongest I can be. As I get older, taking care of my muscles, joints and bones is going to determine how long I am able to be a deep-tissue therapist. So far making some steps in the Paleo direction has been one of the things I could confidently say will point me in the longevity direction.

Thank you, Dr, Chad and Dr. Brenda! You two are so committed to your clients and I find that inspiring!

Heather Randall
Boise, Idaho


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Staci Before & After

Staci Testimonial

July 13th, 2017 | Testimonials

I went on the 30-Day Challenge to remove sugar from my diet and get healthy looking skin, not really to lose weight.

My skin is no longer dry and my body is much more condensed. I feel as if I have been detoxing on a cellular level – I know this sounds weird but my cells feel squeaky-clean. My muscles have more definition. My pictures don’t show that much of a difference but I’m 56 and feel great.

My mom died of Alzheimer’s and was addicted to sugar. I don’t want to go down that road so I’m sticking with PALEO. Sugar is not my friend any more! 🙂

Thanks for all the emails –  they’ve been really helpful and informative!


Staci N


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30 Day Challenge

Cynthia Testimonial

July 12th, 2017 | Testimonials

I am so excited to report that I have overcome my insulin resistance and actually lost 10 lbs. on the 30-Day Challenge after not being able to lose weight for 2 years.

Although I wasn’t eating all that badly before, I was eating too much fruit and grain and not paying attention to processed food. Once the high fructose fruit and the grain were removed, and I started paying attention to my proteins, (grass fed and wild caught), and vegetable intake, my GERD disappeared. I am sleeping better and I feel like my digestive track is healing.

At 62 years old, I think I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for my entire life, in a diet. Better late than never! Our convenience food industry is ruining our health. I choose not to return to my old way of eating. I didn’t realize how miserable I was. I actually look forward to preparing my food and I’m enjoying cooking for the first time in my life.

Thank you so much for your emails and support. Your program is a winner.


Cynthia Bertini


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30 Day Challenge

Bethany Testimonial

July 11th, 2017 | Testimonials

Chad and Brenda,

Wow!! I can’t believe that 30 days are over. It has been great, if not perfect.

My name is Bethany Bennett and I am 42 years old from Spencerville, OH. I lost about 20 lbs. over the 30 days. More than that, I feel different. The first thing I really noticed was how quickly my hair and nails were growing. Then I realized that I would wake up in the morning energized and I had not gotten up at all throughout the night.

That was unusual as I am accustomed to getting up several times throughout the night. I did struggle in the beginning with being tired in the afternoons. Not just sleepy, but I could not keep my eyes open tired. I know you tell us not to track calories, but I did for a few days. I realized that I was only eating about 700 calories a day. I know that is not good and I realized I am not getting enough of the good fats.

I loved all of the veggies I was eating. I love the 2 strawberries I would eat in my salad but it just wasn’t enough. That was when I tried the bulletproof coffee. It helped tremendously. I did not feel as hungry and did not need the naps.

I did a major cheat on day 8 and learned a lot about myself. I was stressed and tired and succumbed to a doughnut. It tasted terrible and the result was a messed up intestinal system for three days. No more doughnuts here. That just showed me how terrible they truly are. Sweets are no longer a temptation. A few strawberries or blueberries in a salad satisfy that sweet craving for me.

I have a long way to go to be healthy. I know that I did not get to this state in 30 days and I am not going to get out of this state in 30 days. BUT – it was a great start. As someone who has been obese my whole life (my mom put me on a diet in kindergarten), I needed to learn new habits and ways of eating. I plan to continue with the Paleo way. I want the next 30 days to be better than the last.

Thank you for investing in sharing your knowledge with other people. This has been transformational and life changing for me. Many blessings on both of you!!


Bethany Bennett


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30 Day Challenge

Mary Testimonial

July 10th, 2017 | Testimonials

Chad & Brenda,

Your emails over the last 30 days have been great!

I spent a couple of months prior to signing onto your 30-Day challenge cooking from the 21-Day sugar detox cookbook, so I was familiar with the concept of introducing healthy fats and cutting out grains certain starches.

I bought the water filter you recommended and actually notice improvement in my energy level. I like your helpful tips in regards to not drinking liquid at meals. I am now mindful of chewing my food more!! I also now drink a large glass of water upon waking. I have a container of the filtered water in my bathroom and drink 12 oz. first thing.

I plan to continue for another 30 days and will incorporate the meal plans you sent. I like your suggestion that the recipes do not have to be followed exactly. What I am trying to do is grasp the formula of the diet and make it into one that works for me on my busy lifestyle

All the best,

Mary Roberts
Carlisle, MA


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30 Day Challenge

Gina Testimonial

July 9th, 2017 | Testimonials

I completed my 30-Day Challenge!

It wasn’t difficult – in fact, it was fun!

I consider myself a pretty good cook and found it easy to make fabulous, delicious meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner and even snacks for when were out and about or on the golf course. Examples: lettuce wraps with avocado, nitrate and sugar-free natural bacon (spendy but delicious) and leftover chicken from terrific balsamic vinegar marinated chicken breasts I had made.

I had dinner guests and everything was 30-Day OK!

I did the challenge for four main reasons:

  1. To cleanse myself from sugar and the fabulous gluten-free goodies I was consuming from a nearby new bakery. Great that they are GF, as I am, but those muffins and pastries are FULL of sugar!
  1. I also am trying to resolve edema issues in my ankles and legs – especially in the hot weather. They think the lymphatic system may not be functioning – due in part from a lymph node that was removed several years ago.
  1. To see if I could improve my sleep of only 4 hours a night.
  1. And, lastly, I wanted to lose some weight. Hoping for 10-12 pounds.

I exercise regularly so maintaining an active lifestyle was easy. Making and buying the right foods was also easy – but the shopping and cooking does take more time and is more expensive. For example, the bacon I mentioned previously was $7 – but used sparingly was sublime!!

My husband did not take the challenge with me, though he thorough enjoyed all the meals!

The most difficult times were going out to eat, not joining in drinks with friends and, oh how I miss my hit of dark chocolate!

Several times when going out to eat, I asked to chat with the chef so that I might ask for a simple egg in butter or chicken breast grilled with olive oil with a fresh vegetable salad (hold the croutons, beans, corn etc.), add some slices of avocado and tomato. They obliged but charged mightily for the special a-la-cart treatment. But I stayed with it 100%!

I did lose some weight – about 7 lbs. – but not what I had hoped. The edema seems better, my energy level is good and generally I feel much, much better.

I do feel much better overall and that is fabulous. As I begin a family holiday, I will add some foods back in my diet but will remain conscious of what is in the foods I am eating and the food choices I make. Thanks!


Gina W
Portland, Oregon


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30 Day Challenge

Cheryl Testimonial

June 28th, 2017 | Testimonials


I have just finished my 30-Day Challenge.

I love this way of eating (note: I did NOT say DIET!) I feel so much better now!

My biggest accomplishment? My “chronic colitis” that had been diagnosed by my physician has completely cleared up! I have also lost weight – only 5 lbs. But, I think I could have lost more if I had been able to eat Paleo foods exclusively.

During this period I have had to make-do on individual meals because of travel to be with a hospitalized family member. (Ironically, I found hospital food to be the most difficult source for Paleo options – but restaurant food can be worked with fairly well).

I am continuing my Paleo lifestyle by immediately rolling into another 30-Day Challenge tomorrow without any breaks. I do not even want a “cheat” day in between. I no longer crave sweets! In fact, the only things that I crave are ice water, coconut oil, and homemade coconut milk. And, I really look forward to my breakfasts with sauteed fresh veggies! I am never hungry, but rather very comfortably satisfied.

I really have enjoyed the Paleo Secret Facebook page. Everyone is so helpful! And, most importantly, I appreciated having Chad, Brenda, and the rest of the Paleo Secret team – your messages were always positive and uplifting! This was especially important for me since my circumstances during this Challenge caused breaks in my Paleo eating during the day on some days.

Reading the daily messages from everyone each day helped me to feel confident that I could still accomplish a good outcome if I did the best I could at any point in time. This was especially important since the non-availability of food in the hospital setting caused small breaks in my program.

It helped me to continue with Paleo selections with whatever I ate next that day instead of giving up and saying to myself, “well – I messed today up – I might as well wait until tomorrow to start again.” I simply started with the next thing I ate or drank – often that was by continuing with drinking water – because no matter what was or was not available – I always had access to water.

Thanks everyone!!!! You kept my head up and my goal ever so gently and continuously on my mind.

I love this program and the people in it! I am so happy – Chad and Brenda – that you took your life’s’ circumstances and made such a positive growth experience for so many people. Thank you for blessing my life with your knowledge, skills, and care!


Cheryl Bartlett


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