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5 Tips to Help You Stay Paleo During the Holidays

December 21st, 2016 | Living, resources

Is this your first holiday season since going Paleo?

Whether you’re participating in our 30-Day Challenge or recently adapted to the Paleo Diet – it can be very difficult to adhere to your new lifestyle during the ‘most wonderful time of the year.

December seems to be full of company parties and family get-togethers that are centered around food and drinks. Our culture encourages us to be ‘Merry!‘ and that usually translates into too much sugar and processed ingredients, and not enough sleep or exercise.

If you’re feeling this Season’s struggle and need some guidance to get through the Holiday guilt-free, check out these 5 tips to help YOU stay Paleo:

  1. Create Awareness
    It’s hard for others to be respectful of your new way of eating if they don’t know about it – So tell them! Take the time to talk to your family, friends and co-workers about your new journey with food and how amazing you feel. Let them know how it has improved your life and how important it is to you to continue to live this way. Ask them for their support and who knows – they might end up joining you and trying Paleo for themselves!
  2. Share Dishes
    Pot-luck parties are the perfect opportunity to introduce other people to the Paleo Diet. Not only will this guarantee you’ll have something to eat at the event, you can expose others to the delicious (and healthy!) foods that you get to eat every day. It’s also a great opportunity to have some fun in the kitchen and take the extra time to prepare a more elaborate dish you wouldn’t usually have time for.
  3. Make Mocktails
    The hardest part about staying Paleo during the holiday seems to be the endless flowing river of libations. Overdoing it on the booze can lead to overeating due to loss of self-control and a little thing called a hangover. Too much alcohol over a longer period of time (i.e. the whole Season) can also lead to weight gain. It’s basically completely counterproductive to everything you’re trying to achieve! If you absolutely want something to sip on during a gathering, try making a ‘mocktail‘ – a cocktail without the liquor. Try experimenting with different herbs, fruits and flavors! My personal favorite is muddled cranberries, mint and club soda – YUM!
  4. Plan Ahead
    Sometimes you just can’t resist Grandma’s non-Paleo Pumpkin pie or your nephews sugar cookies complete with a sweet smile – and that’s OK! You don’t need to punish yourself for veering off the path. But eating too many pieces of pie and too many cookies can set you back huge leaps in your progress. I like to suggest planning ‘Treat Days‘ – specific parties or events that you know for certain you will be indulging. Schedule it and plan accordingly. Do something physical that day to get your body moving and your blood flowing. Hydrate with a lot of water and eat Paleo like you would any other day. Also keep in mind – there are a TON of Paleo-friendly treats that are free of gluten, dairy and processed ingredients. And when the time comes for your treat – Enjoy it! Look at it, smell it and savor every bite.
  5. Pay Attention
    When something is highly palatable (very pleasant to taste) like sugar and other Wintery treats, we tend to have an overwhelming desire to overeat. Sugar sends a signal to our brains to release serotonin (the calming hormone) and dopamine (the reward chemical), which makes us feel happy, excited, and, well, pleased. However, this feeling is short-lived, as our levels come crashing back down once we stop eating. It’s extremely important when indulging in these ‘pleasure foods‘ to pay attention to how you feel. Does your third or fourth bite taste as good as the first one? Are you still eating because you’re hungry and you actually want the food? OR do you feel like you already ‘blew it’ so you might as well finish it? Check in with how you’re feeling emotionally, mentally and physically – you could very well end up eating less than you anticipated!

No matter how you choose to spend your holiday, make sure you continue to take care of yourself by getting lots of sleep, hydrating and exercising. This wonderful time only comes once a year – make the most of it!


Download our FREE Holiday Paleo Cookbook – full of delicious recipes to try this Season.

Article written by: Andi Petty

Andi is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and Paleo enthusiast. She is currently seeking her PNL1 certification from Precision Nutrition. Read more of her work and connect with Andi here

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

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Prep time: 2 minutes

Cook time: 35 minutes

Servings: 4


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  • 1 shallot
  • 1 tsp red wine vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 cups cherries, pitted and halved (option to buy frozen
  • 1 large bunch of asparagus
  • arugula


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Pound chicken so they are thin (option to buy thin breast). Clean and break ends of asparagus. Place the chicken on a baking dish drizzled lightly with oil. On a separate baking dish, place the asparagus and drizzle lightly with oil. Bake for about 15 minutes, until chicken is cooked.
Chop shallot. In a small bowl add shallots, red wine vinegar, oil and cherries. Place chicken on top of a large handful of arugula and add the cherry mixture. Serve with asparagus.

Recipe by Tami Monaghan


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So…what role do obesogens play?

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Wouldn’t that be awesome!

What’s even more awesome is that all these factors…if addressed and improved upon…not only help with weight loss, but also help with improved overall health, well-being and disease prevention!!

5 Hidden Causes That Could Be Making You Fat:

1) Low Vitamin D Levels

2) Poor Gut Health

3) Obesogens…Obese-o-what?


5) Stress: The Muffin Top Monster

We are going to start this week looking at how Low Vitamin D Levels may be associated with weight gain and will cover the rest of the 4 in upcoming posts.

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30 Day Challenge

Lucienne Testimonial

June 23rd, 2017 | Testimonials

I have completed the 30-Day Challenge and am hooked for life!

My husband and I have experimented with Paleo in the past. He lost 60 pounds in 3 months and was able to cure his 30 years of chronic migraines. I lost weight too but still had 10-12 pounds that I just couldn’t lose.

In May 2017, a cousin “liked” The Paleo Secret on Facebook and caught my interest. Four months earlier my husband had the aorta of his heart suddenly start tearing which required emergency heart surgery. Then 10 days later he had a stroke from one of the torn arteries. Our blissful life changed in a heartbeat.

Having cheated death twice I wanted to do all I could to improve his chances of living another 30 years with me and Paleo Secret seemed like the answer.

I joined the Challenge and quietly introduced coconut milk and took away the whole milk as I cooked paleo meals. No more breads and huge bowls of ice cream. Once I told him about the Paleo plan – he was all for it! And has begun finally losing the weight he gained since his surgery. He now has better energy and less fatigue and says he feels better.

Even more fantastic is I dropped 9 pounds in the 30 days and have less joint pain than usual and definitely have more energy.

I’ve now started talking about the aspects of The Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge with my mother-in-law (91yo) who is 91 years old and lives with us – and she is willing to try it! She takes coconut oil every morning and I am getting her on turmeric and cooking Paleo foods. If I can keep them both healthy my life is richer and more enjoyable.

Thank you for sharing The Paleo Secret with us common folks and for the tips to continue living a clean life.


Lucienne Nelson
62 year-old retiree


==> Discover How You Can Transform Your Life In 30 Days



30 Day Challenge

Susie Testimonial

June 22nd, 2017 | Testimonials

I know that this story keeps repeating itself over and over because the 30-Day Challenge works!

I just completed my Challenge and so far I have lost 8 pounds! Of course that’s the big benefit of the process, but better yet, I have lost the bloated stomach, the lack of energy and the constant sad feelings.

I started the Challenge because of the arthritis in my spinal column and it seemed to be getting worse and worse as time went by. It actually took a couple of weeks for my body to start feeling the benefits of the Paleo diet but work it did.

I still have the arthritis but at 72 years old I feel so much better than I have in YEARS

I will be staying on this diet and look forward to losing more weight and feeling even better in the future.

Thank you, Brenda and Chad!


Susie Collins


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30 Day Challenge

Debby Testimonial

June 14th, 2017 | Testimonials

Hi Chad and Brenda-

It makes me so happy to see two people who are not only devoted to the Paleo lifestyle, but who are getting out there and educating the world.

My story actually goes back to my teen years when I was a very sick with asthma. I was always in and out of hospitals and doctors never really gave me information to help me avoid asthma attacks.

I knew that dairy and certain foods triggered my asthma so I began this journey of eating whole unprocessed foods and began feeling much better. I have more energy and was able to lose the 10 lbs. I had wanted to get rid of for awhile now.

People have asked me how I look so good and where I get my energy from and I tell them about this diet.

You two are so inspiring to so many and I want to thank you for getting the word out. I have always been perplexed by what the ads and messages say that are sent out to the average consumer on food and medicine.

Everything you say in your message is exactly how I feel.

I live a life of whole foods, acai, protein veggie smoothies, salmon, greens , yoga, spin, dance and paddle boarding. I’m a teacher who loves to travel and spend time with my 3 amazing daughters.

I’m celebrating my 60th birthday next month and people think that I’m in my 40’s.

Thank you for all you do and I will be reading your messages always.


Debby Martell


==> Discover How You Can Transform Your Life In 30 Days



30 Day Challenge

Claudette Testimonial

June 13th, 2017 | Testimonials

I am 72 years old and healthy other than taking a diuretic for BP every other day.

When I decided to do the Challenge, I had lost about 60 lbs. over several years but needed to lose another 20. I did not drink soda or eat bread, rice or potatoes except occasionally. I also ate eggs, lean meats, veggies of all colors and dairy.

I tried vegetarian and Keto diets in the past to get the last pounds off but I did not feel well and felt my body retaining more fluid.

I knew about Paleo eating and had also read much of the work of Dr. Mark Hyman. When I saw your program on Facebook, I considered it for over a week and decided to commit to trying it.

I have not been off the program since I began and I was on vacation for the last ten days of the thirty. I lost only about 4 pounds but I feel so much better and have more energy than I have had in years. I can see small changes in my body and I know it will continue to change if I stay committed.

One thing I love about the program is the view that health is multi-dimensional with physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual domains. It requires that we take responsibility for our own health and understand how what we eat affects the health of our planet. It is also a way of showing love for ourselves. Most of us have self-esteem issues and taking extra care with what we put in our mouths and ensuring we exercise begins to change our ideas of who we are and who we can become.

Now I am not eating dairy or sugar. I am buying my groceries at an organic cooperative, drinking more water and being much more thoughtful about my choices. I am continuing with this program because I truly see it as a way of life that will get me to my goals and make me be healthier and feel younger. I love the on- line community and support people provide each other and the daily communication provided in e-mails.

Thank you for starting this program and providing the comprehensive network of support from which we benefit. I am looking forward to this next month’s experience and seeing the changes in me I want to see.


Claudette Hamm


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Joy Before & After

Joy Testimonial

June 11th, 2017 | Testimonials

Joy Brandon
43 years old,
McDonough, Georgia

I started this challenge because I wanted a lifestyle change.

My mother had two heart attacks – one at age 50 and the other at age 58 which ended with a quadruple bi-pass. I am built just like her and have some of the same medical issues – high blood sugar and high cholesterol. I also have hypothyroidism. I do NOT want to end up like my mother.

I decided I not only needed a change, but I WANTED a change. This Challenge seemed like the best thing for me to do.

Now, I’m not going to say it’s been a piece of cake because it hasn’t. I still crave things that I choose not to eat and I don’t know that those will ever go away.

The thing is, it’s mind over matter. You get to choose whether or not you are going to stick to your plan. You choose if it’s worth it. I can honestly say that I have NOT cheated even one time.

One of the most difficult things for me to do was drinking all of the water I was supposed to. It was hard to force myself to drink as much as I needed.

What has helped me the most is knowing ahead of time the main pantry staples I needed to have on hand. The second is having daily emails of recipes and encouragement.

I haven’t had any lab work done yet – however I am pretty pleased with my results:

Bust: – 1 in.
Stomach: – 2 1/2 in.
Hips: – 2 in.
Weight: – 16 1/2 lbs.

I plan to continue this way of eating. My energy level is starting to pick up and I’m feeling pretty well.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!!!


==> Discover How You Can Transform Your Life In 30 Days



30 Day Challenge

Jadie Testimonial

June 10th, 2017 | Testimonials

Good morning,

I’m probably your oldest subscriber.  I’m 71, almost 72 and have been in great health until recently.  I knew my body had begun to decline due to age, but little did I know that I had Sjogrens Syndrome until a few weeks ago.  Most things I was reading pointed to diet.

My first thought was that ‘I can’t do this’, my second thought was, ‘I have to do this.’

It was about that time that I saw your video on Instagram that sparked my interest and the rest is history. The video seemed genuine and worthwhile. I subscribed that day and started my journey.

Thus, I have sadness and joy today. My sadness is that the 30 days has come to an end. The joy is that I feel so much better.  No more bloating, improved GI function, less joint stiffness, increased energy, and improved sleep.  The crowning jewel is that I’ve lost 7 pounds even though we traveled twice during this 30 days which meant eating out.

Initially, this way of eating was time consuming. I have spent lots of time in the kitchen but I’m figuring out how to plan better and prep more for several days.  My pantry and refrigerator certainly look different. Thank goodness, I have really good kitchen equipment. My next purchase is a better water filter.

The initial books were great and supported other literature I was reading. The daily emails are what helped me get started and then continued to sustain my efforts. I have learned so much. As you learn more, I would appreciate your passing the information along to your subscribers.

My biggest challenge is that my husband still likes his favorite foods, which causes me to have to cook 2 different meals sometimes. It’s ok though because he is very supportive. Last night he complimented me for sticking to this new eating lifestyle in order to feel better.

I’m so glad I saw the video on Instagram. You are doing the right thing and there is no doubt that you will help others.

My best to both of you for a job well done – I’m not sure I could have done this without you.


Jadie Barwick


==> Discover How You Can Transform Your Life In 30 Days



30 Day Challenge

Beata Testimonial

May 28th, 2017 | Testimonials

Brenda and Chad,

First, I would like you thank you for all your encouragement and information. Your emails were so helpful and when I felt discouraged, I would feel re-motivated after each email. So, truly, thank you so very much!  I finished my 30-Day challenge about 10 days ago (I started later than sign up because I wanted to get past Easter first (my last chocolate hurrah!).

During the 30 days, I lost 9 pounds and, 10 days later, I have lost a total of 13.5 pounds! I’m so happy! I’d still like to lose about 15-20 pounds more, and I am confident that I will.

But even better than the weight loss, I believe that this is truly a healthier way to eat. The first week was tough – I won’t lie.  I felt yucky, and I desperately wanted ice cream and potatoes (not at the same time, LOL!). But with your encouragement, and a friend who normally eats Paleo all the time but had fallen off the course while traveling a lot, I stuck with it. We shared daily what we ate, and gave each other encouragement and suggestions. She had completed your 30-Day Challenge a while ago and wanted to do it again. After two weeks, I didn’t feel any thinner (I didn’t have a scale so I couldn’t cheat and weigh myself) but I decided I would still stick with it. And I did!

A little anecdote, my boss went hunting in Kentucky and brought back a wild boar. He had it made into sausage burgers and gave me some. Not only were they delicious but also I felt so “Paleo” eating a wild animal!

I will continue with a Paleo lifestyle, how can I not? Reading labels has opened my eyes to the terrible things in food, EVERYTHING either has canola oil or sugar; it’s horrible! I’ve even bought a Stevia plant and I’m going to try using the leaves to sweeten my tea when it gets bigger.

I will also be honest; I will “cheat” sometimes because the thought of never eating pizza, Mexican food, or ice cream again, makes me too sad. But I will be very conscious of what I’m eating and whether it fits the Paleo lifestyle or not. I will also keep my cheating to only once every two weeks or so, because I don’t want my body to think it needs to burn carbs instead of fat for energy.

The timing of this lifestyle change worked very well for me. Last June, I had major shoulder surgery and couldn’t do much at the gym for months, and just recently have been able to start doing arm weight stuff. Being able to hit the gym and eat a healthy, fulfilling diet has been a great combination to feeling healthier, more confident, and energetic.

Sorry for the long email, but I really wanted you to know how much you have helped me, and that my life has changed because of you!

Thank you, and may your lives be filled with health, joy, and love.


Beata Gray


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30 Day Challenge

Bette Testimonial

May 27th, 2017 | Testimonials

My name is Bette Munroe and I am 68 years old. I live in Greenacres, Washington. I am 5’8″ and shrinking – both in height and weight. My weight, 7 months prior to starting Paleo, was 339.

I started eating Paleo 30 days ago.  When I retired last September, I was determined to start focusing on me, so I took my 339 pounds to the gym, and started reducing the amount of food I consumed. At the end of 7 months, I was down to 294, and was happy with that but after doing some research knew that I was still not eating healthily. I still used processed foods, and although I had switched to healthier breads, they were still at every meal. And fresh veggies other than salads were still not a big element of my diet.

I have Diabetes II (diagnosed in 2009) and was on Metformin, plus I have controlled high blood pressure with the help of three pills. I am fortunate that my genetics have my cholesterol as in very good ranges. I had breast cancer and one breast removed in 2014. I have now begun to see my kidney function being impacted.

What led me to look at a lifestyle change was the feeling that taking all those meds, was now impacting my health. I asked my doctor to take me off Metformin and to try and control my blood sugars through diet. My fasting blood sugars were typically 130.

Paleo is a complete change from how I have eaten all my life. Vegetables were not sufficient in my diet. I am a meat and potatoes girl.  And that was how I had raised my two wonderful children, both of whom have their own weight issues as adults.

All that has changed. On the 30-Day Challenge, I have lost another 13 pounds. Honestly, I was hoping for more, but realize this is a good and healthy weight loss. But the biggest thing is the healthier way I am eating.

Do I miss some of my old foods?  Now and then – but then I remember the reason I took on the challenge . . . better health for me and my family.

And it is happening!  My joints aren’t hurting as much, and my fasting blood sugars are now always under 100.

My plan is to continue on this lifestyle change. I cohabitate with my daughter and her family, and she has incorporated Paleo into all our diets. And when we have family gatherings, we serve Paleo tested delicious food.

Mission accomplished and continuing. Thank you for all your daily emails. I always look forward to them.


==> Discover How You Can Transform Your Life In 30 Days



30 Day Challenge

Jim Testimonial

May 26th, 2017 | Testimonials

My name is Jim Dube and I live in Berwick, Maine.

I’m 47 and I owe so much to Brenda and Chad!!

Before I did the 30-Day Challenge, I was so sluggish from eating bad food. The inflammation in my body has been holding me back from doing all of the things I love to do – fishing, hunting, four-wheeling and all other outdoor activities. I have 3 bad discs in my back with nerve issues. These medical issues combined with the inflammation prevent me from doing the things I love.

Brenda and Chad have shown me how to help with the inflammation by eating whole foods. They sent me awesome weekly recipes, which were a huge help during my 30 days. Those recipes will be with me forever. Brenda and Chad’s emails were key for helping me on my new journey into my new lifestyle of eating Paleo. I feel that they are with me, encouraging me every day with their emails.

I have a lot of weight to lose as well and this new lifestyle is making it so easy to lose the weight. I have lost 5 pounds every week during the 30-Day Challenge. I am feeling so good and alive again! And the inflammation is really going away!

My back is feeling a little better and while I know that nerve pain may never go away completely, I can feel a huge difference. I firmly believe that eating whole foods has helped me so much.

I plan on eating Paleo forever. Thank you guys so much, I believe you have saved my life. My future is look a lot better.


==> Discover How You Can Transform Your Life In 30 Days



30 Day Challenge

Tracy Testimonial

May 25th, 2017 | Testimonials


I am so amazed at the changes I’ve experienced.

Before: I was gaining weight, tired and fatigued most of the time, suffering from insomnia and my stress level was very high. I was taking over 12 medications each day and couldn’t fit into any of my regular clothes.

Now: I’m happy to report that I lost 14 pounds! I have a lot more energy and am able to do much more activity during the day. I’m sleeping better and waking up earlier – feeling really awake and alert! I have slowly started decreasing several of my medications and I’m back in a pair of pants that I couldn’t even close the zipper on just a few weeks ago.

This is my new lifestyle and I don’t ever want to go back to SAD [the Standard American Diet]. I have purchased and used organic, whole real, food, Paleo foods, spices and fats. I’m looking up all of the new Paleo recipes and have even ordered Paleo cookbooks. The food tastes fantastic.

I’m a believer and I thank the Lord for helping me find this program. Thank you!

Tracy Lynn
Topeka, KS


==> Discover How You Can Transform Your Life In 30 Days



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