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Common Workout Mistake_Mateo

Are You Making THIS Common Workout Mistake?

January 15th, 2016 | featured, Healthcare, Moving


We are super excited to introduce to you our dear friend, Mateo Daniel. He is truly the epitome of “The Playful Warrior”. He brings so much love and energy to everyone he meets and has reminded us of the importance of PLAY in our lives and for our health! I used to think playing was for kiddos and those lucky people that had the luxury of extra time on their hands…now I realize how important it is for us all to PLAY! Life is so much more fun this way!

We love Mateo’s perspective on life, play and movement. Check out the article below!

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Last Time That You Will Have To Start An Exercise Program

September 21st, 2015 | Living, Moving


How many times have you started an exercise program?

What led you to start, and why did you stop?

To be clear, I don’t mean walking and then switching to swimming, for example; I mean vacillating between sedentary and active. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone guaranteed that the next time you start an exercise program will be your last?

YOU guarantee it. Exercise compliance is all in your head. Keep Reading…

Sitting and Lifespan

Sitting less can increase your lifespan!

December 16th, 2014 | featured, Healthcare, Living, Moving, Practical Living

As a society, we tend to live very sedentary lifestyles, sitting at our office desk all day and on our couch all night.  Sure we may workout at the gym, do yoga or go for a run daily – but we spend the rest of our time on our butts. Unfortunately, various studies have shown that this sedentary way of life is correlated to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, even if you exercise regularly! Keep Reading…

The Plank

Fat Crushing Body-Weight Workout(10 Minutes)

July 22nd, 2014 | featured, Moving, Uncategorized

You know what a lot of my female clients ask me? “How do I get rid of this flab on the back side of my arms?” …seriously, it’s like the #1 question!

My first question back at them is ALWAYS… Keep Reading…

Full Body Blaster

The Full Body Blaster(10 minute metabolic workout)

July 15th, 2014 | featured, Moving

Recently there has been a buzz in the fitness world around “highly metabolic” body weight workouts. Why?

Well, for once you can believe the hype, because this kind of workout is exceptionally effective, and addresses most roadblocks people have with exercising. For example…

  1. They don’t have time for long workouts between family and work
  2. Lack of a gym membership(or even a desire for one!)
  3. No experience working out, not sure where to start Keep Reading…
The Paleo Secret's Sitting Solution

Sitting – Worse for you than Smoking?

February 17th, 2014 | featured, Living, Moving, Resources

Is sitting the new smoking? It may actually be worse for you…
As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I’ve treated thousands of patients with neck pain, back pain, bulging and herniated disc etc.

I’ve also seen a heck of lot of knee pain, shoulder issues, hip pain and ankle problems.

I’ve seen pretty much every diagnosis that they’ve come up with at this point.
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5 Simple Steps to a Healthy, Sexy, Toned Body

November 25th, 2013 | Eating, Moving

“Get lean.” “Get toned.” It’s funny how women’s magazines all use code words to avoid saying things like “Get strong” or “add lean muscle mass.” Because really, that’s exactly what they’re saying.

The result is that I receive questions from readers and listeners using the same terminology. “How do I get lean and toned?” To which I reply, “What does your diet and exercise look like?” Of course, even if they have their nutrition dialed in, they explain how they’re running a lot, doing spinning classes, yoga, and so on. Keep Reading…

back shitters thumb

Womb Squat Series Part 2: Squatting on the Pot

April 30th, 2013 | Healthcare, Moving, Practical Living

Photo by

For those that want to take your health to the next level…
If you have any sort of digestive related disease, digestion issues or pelvic related issues listen up!
Squatting on the pot could dramatically improve your digestion and your health!  Yes…you heard me correctly.  This position is actually the most optimal anatomical position in which to defecate or go #2.  Most people in the world actually still eliminate like this (mostly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East).  Why is this important? Because NOT defecating in this position has negative effects on bowel health. I’ve written multiple entries mentioning the importance of optimizing digestion in order to stay healthy and have a healthy immune system. Optimizing digestion includes breaking down and assimilating food properly AND being able to eliminate waste from our bodies. Keep Reading…

Child Squat

Womb Squat Series Part 1

April 23rd, 2013 | Moving

Want to significantly improve your health and slow the aging process by doing one simple exercise a day?  Of course you do! Well… everyone has probably moved this way at one point in their lives, but perhaps don’t remember it.  This is the position we used to play in for hours as little tykes.  Traditionally, we used this primal position for just about everything, but over time and use of modern conveniences… sadly, we just don’t do it anymore. What is it?


It’s one of the most therapeutically beneficial positions performed frequently in Taoflow Yoga (fusion of yoga and qi gong) and is one of the most functional and primal positions known to mankind.  Traditionally, humans of all ages (including elderly) used this position for working (picking roots out of the ground, cooking over a fire), giving birth, eliminating feces, and just resting. Many native cultures outside of the Western world still use this position daily. Keep Reading…


My Warmup – A Way to Stand Up Straight in a World That Sits

March 12th, 2013 | Moving

This is my warm up.  It’s a warm up that I’ve put together and frequently use for most all my workouts.  It’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve thrown together from my experience as a physical therapist, Crossfit coach, long time athlete and student of movement.  I’ve learned a lot from some of the best practitioners and coaches in the world and use many of their ideas in this warmup.  It takes into account many of the things I feel are important for to health, performance, & functional longevity. Keep Reading…