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Carol Roscoe Testimonial

November 10th, 2018

My name is Carol, I’m 66 years old. I just weighed in on day 31. Much to my surprise, I lost 11.5 pounds and 5.5 inches. (and just got back from a 5-day vacation) My stomach issues are about 75% gone, which is so awesome. I have a bulging disc in my neck and back so it’s really hard for me to exercise. I just started riding my bike for 1/2 hour and/or walking for about 1/2 hour per day, it helps, but it’s sure not like doing sit ups etc. to help flatten my stomach. Thanks, Paleo and for all of your support on this page! ?

Update: I started in May and as of October I have lost 30 pounds total!! I’m pretty happy…

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