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Kathy Christie Testimonial

October 19th, 2018

My name is Kathy Christie.  I am 70 years young and recently moved to FL from NY. I’ve spent years yo-yo dieting and for the last several years I have been eating mostly just from the perimeter of the supermarket and not too many processed foods.  I have been able to maintain my 217 to 220 average weight.

Finally, I decided that this is IT!!  I’ve been plagued by reflux, inflammation and aches and pains.  I’ve been on Lipitor for 25 years to control cholesterol and been on Tamoxifen for 7 years…sometimes Zantac to control the reflux. I also have COPD and I’ve stopped taking all the meds for that as well. I’m also a 2-time breast cancer survivor.

I decided to stop taking meds and clean up my diet after reading several books on “The Cholesterol Myth” and how the body actually functions.  Paleo seemed to fit the bill especially since it is similar to how I eat anyway so it was easy to implement…I just needed to eliminate the junk I added in.

Since I’ve taken the challenge there are several things I notice.  Reflux is totally gone…I no longer have to drink my apple cider vinegar drink before bedtime…my clothes are a lot looser and my diaphragm is no longer pushing into my rib cage.  I’m a bit more comfortable and there appears to be less stress on my knees.

I’ve lost only 12 pounds, but most of it came off my belly and for that I am thankful.  I’ve yet to see how my numbers are but I am due for blood tests in another 30 days.  My physician is none too happy because all my numbers were perfect on the Lipitor…but we will see.

I’ve followed the program pretty much to the letter.  I’ve not been hungry nor do I have any cravings.  I did drink a tequila twice during the 30-days.  What I noticed in both of those instances I did not lose any weight at all for 2 or 3 days.  Metabolism seemed to come to a standstill… so I left the alcohol out of the picture.

I’m breathing better but still waiting for arthritis and fibro pain to get better. Trying to exercise a bit more and push thru the pain because the more I keep moving the better I feel…even if it is just to stretch every day and walk.

In the next 30 days, I will pretty much stick with the program but may introduce some cheese because that’s really what I miss as well as bake a paleo sweet once a week to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I will leave out the grains going forward and keep dairy very limited.

I’ve learned to like almond milk and coconut milk so other than cheese I can pretty much keep dairy from my diet.  I’ve not really found any “grass-fed” meat that I like. (except for the Greek meatballs–love them) but I’m eating as “clean” as possible.  Goal for now is to get under 200 and then I will set a new goal…probably for 180.  Still working diligently on all this.

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