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Henry Mortenson Testimonial

October 19th, 2018

Best $30 I ever invested!!

I tried to eat properly but was mid informed. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, joint pain and prediabetic I ate plain oatmeal (sugar) whole wheat toast ( sugar) and orange juice (sugar) every day for 10 years and spent the afternoon exercising and my efforts only worsened my health problems. I invested in the 30-day challenge and went “all in”. The results were immediate for me and at the end of thirty days I was down 23 lbs blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol numbers were all normal and stomach issues had disappeared entirely. I have maintained it for 9 months and can’t imagine ever going back. The Paleo Secret was my “easy way out”. I feel 20 years younger and have a full and grateful heart. I traded my oatmeal for steak and eggs and no more chronic cardio sessions. I’ve learned to walk again.

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