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Laura Roberts Testimonial

September 14th, 2018
30 Day Challenge

Good morning! My name is Laura Roberts. I am 56 years young and I reside in Deport, Texas.

As a child, I was always very active, playing several different sports. Growing up in beautiful Arkansas with three brothers and my parents. Then after high school, I got married. By the time I was 19 years old, I had two daughters.
1989, I suffered from depression, which doctors had me on antidepressants which caused me to gain 70 pounds.
1996, I trusted God to heal me and I quit taking those drugs, but I continued to struggle with being obese.
In 1998, I was blessed with another daughter. Yes, there are seventeen years between my babies. I had lost some weight before my pregnancy, but while carrying Twyla I had a blood clot right below my right knee. Unfortunately, I was getting very little exercise because my doctor advised me to stay off my legs as much as possible. Causing me to gain 60 lbs before she was born. I am so tired of being fat.
I want to thank you for the 30-day challenge as I have changed my diet and lifestyle.
During the challenge, I lost 5 lbs, and 7 inches in my waist and 5 inches in my hips. Staying determined to lose at least 40 lbs before Christmas as I continue to feel so much better each day. The inflammation in my left shoulder is not as severe.
Laura Roberts

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