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Cathy Ellis Testimonial

September 28th, 2018
30 Day Challenge
Happy to report:
That I was able to lose 4 pounds, considering it took me a couple weeks to rev up to the whole program.  I’m currently following the program about 90% of the time. buying the best items I can when I can. I had actually given up “white food” a couple months ago – sugar, bread, rice, pasta, etc. and was already seeing the benefits of that when I joined the 30DC.
I was able to find a wonderful farmers market where I can get fabulous fresh produce in addition to finding a Chicken & Seafood Market with fabulous fish and the best chicken I have ever had.  Never would have known about these places without this program since I wouldn’t have been actively looking for them.
The few pounds I lost have nothing on the health benefits I’m receiving.  I went to the doctor last week for my annual physical and she doesn’t want to see me for another 6 months because I’m in such good health.
My good cholesterol is up 26 points!  My A1C is within normal limits, although my glucose is a little high.  I bought myself a glucose meter so I can see what foods are affecting me.
I’ve had a couple “cheat on purpose”meals where I allow myself that once in a while treat.  My BIG cheat one day was a large salad with one cut up Chicken Finger and ….  wait for it…… 2 or 3 tbsp of bleu cheese dressing.  That’s a pretty pathetic cheat, but I just don’t crave the bad foods anymore.  I didn’t cheat with a candy bar or a stack of peanut butter and jelly on white bread.
My doctor told me that you crave what you eat – if you eat junk you will crave junk; if you eat well, you will crave well.
I feel fantastic – more energy, less arthritis pain, walking 6 times a week, not having the mid-afternoon crash….. too many things to mention!
I’m up for another 30-day challenge and hoping for some more weight loss this time.
Love the program,
Cathy Ellis

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