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Michelle Smith Testimonial

August 5th, 2018
30 Day Challenge

Good Morning Chad and Brenda,

My name is Michelle from Corrales, NM and I am 55 years old. I just finished my 30-day challenge!!

I lost 10 pounds and was not 100% strict with my eating plan. I do plan to continue another 30 days in hopes to lose another 10 pounds.

I started this challenge to lose weight because my knees and feet were increasing in pain. I hated to squat down because I would have to push off my knees in order to stand back up again. once standing it took a few minutes for my knees to stop throbbing.

My feet were also constantly throbbing. Since starting this new way of eating, my knees have improved almost 100% and I don’t have to push off or hold on to anything to get up. Yay! My feet still ache, but not like they used to. My energy level, pride and feeling good has skyrocketed since starting the challenge.

Your emails were very helpful and inspiring.  I also founds the recipes were of great help.

Thank you very much for the continuous support, resources, and inspiration you gave me each day and I look forward to another 30-days!

Michelle S, RN

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