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Karen Hornbarger Testimonial

August 18th, 2018
30 Day Challenge
I was at my last straw of being sick and tired, feeling bloated, achy and not observing my bad habits.  I’m 66 and have been retired for 6 /12 months now with a 5’2” frame that was not dealing well at the consistent 131+ weight I’d been carrying. I asked Jesus for some guidance on a Sunday night and the next morning on Facebook I read about the Paleo Challenge. That Monday I started reading all about the plan and took a  leap of faith to just sign up!   For 5+ hours I read all about Paleo and got so excited while thanking God for new inspiration.

I practiced that week on my new diet path; using recipe ideas, organizing my pantry, doing Level One 3-minute Core exercises and incorporating at least a 13-minute early morning walk.
Receiving a phone call from a Paleo Secret Coach to round out my plan and getting tips and menus from Drs Chad and Brenda, bolstered me into my official start date on July 16, 2018.
Emails from Drs Chad and Brenda were always consistent with helpful and encouraging information. The workout plans that Brenda designed were cleverly set to slowly strengthen me and also helped my posture!  I never felt too discouraged because Chad’s messages helped me progress knowing that I would get better at each level!  ‘Do your best and keep it simple!’
On Tuesday, August 14 my 30th day, I weighed in at 123!  An 8+ lb weight loss!  This was huge for me and where I’d hoped to arrive!  My clothes fit better and left me not so self-conscious of my belly.
In review — My WHY for doing the Paleo 30 Day Challenge was to have a healthier lifestyle. So I don’t intend to stop here!  With all the hustle and bustle of life, Chad and Brenda brought moderation back into my life, breathing, caring for myself again and living so that I could look forward to the rest of my days with my guy; and, be an energetic Grandma for my new granddaughter due in January.

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