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Scott McFarland Testimonial

June 18th, 2018
30 Day Challenge
Hi my name is Scott McFarland.  I live in Harrow, Ontario, Canada.
I too have been failed by a hoax healthcare system!!
My story begins many years ago.  I was extremely stressed and the victim of poor diet.  That lead to a severe case of hemorrhoids that “required” surgery, according to the doctors.  After the surgery, at age 23, things did not get any better.  In fact, they came back worse.  Thankfully, I had learned one thing throughout this process, never do that surgery again! I sought a natural way as we are natural beings.
For several years I suffered but I never went back to a doctor for this issue.  I had found relief in the form of an infusion I made of coconut oil and cannabis.  Applied externally via a cotton pad would keep them controlled and soak up the leakage caused by that dam surgery.  This method had gotten me through for several years.  It was still a dependency that I could gladly do without.
Then I found Turmeric.  I kept researching and eventually added turmeric to my diet in any way I could.  Adding it to my eggs, making teas with it and adding to anything I could think of.
Immediately I started to feel and be healthier.  My wife would get sick or the whole family would get sick and I wouldn’t.
More research and I found you!  I’m almost finished with my first bottle of turmeric capsules and the results are amazing.  Within the first week I could not feel the pain and itch from my hemorrhoids. By the end of the second week my little friends were almost gone!
I have also suffered from chronic shoulder and chest pain( surgery #2 ) since I was 17  ( football ) and have almost no pain associated with this. Even during installing a 24′ above ground pool in my back yard that required a lot of digging.  I honestly believe I could not have done this project without the  Turmeric capsules.
As stated earlier, I excelled in football back in the day and suffered many injuries.  I suffered many concussions and could feel the cloudy effects of them in my daily business.  After taking your turmeric I feel sharp and clear again.
I have made great strides in my health in the last 30-days.  Eating healthier as often as I could and making better, smarter and more mature choices.  I did not embrace the challenge entirely, but I did what I could.  I have no pictures to share but I have lost some weight and woke up some sleepy muscles by being more physical.
You have given me more options and strengthened my ability to make better choices, not only for me but for my young family.  I am now 36 and in better health than almost the last 20 years!!
Thank you so much.

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