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Laura S. Testimonial

December 11th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

My name is Laura Stiers and I am from Texas. I am 49 years old. I lost a total of 12 lbs. and I feel GREAT!!

Before the 30-Day Challenge, I wasn’t sleeping, didn’t have energy, and wanted to lose weight. In the beginning, I went through the sugar withdrawal. I experienced the headaches, tiredness, and being light-headed. And then – it passed! Every day I felt better and better. I really didn’t beleive I could feel this good again. I thought I was getting older and the way I felt was the new “norm.” I can’t believe my new energy level!

I kept the 30-Day Challenge simple. I didn’t overthink it. I ate protein, vegetables, and a little bit of nuts and fruits. Drank the bulletproof coffee and plenty of water. I walked 4-5 days per week with my dog. I wasn’t an angel on this Challenge. I had a couple of bad days over Thanksgiving. My body DID feel bad after I had those bad days and my body wanted me to get back to eating Paleo. Paleo is easy to start up again immediately the next day.

I have learned so much through the emails and the Facebook community page. I am going to keep this up for the next 30 days and look forward to how I will feel a month from now. Great program Chad and Brenda!

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