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Connie F. Testimonial

December 11th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

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I stumbled upon the Paleo Secret online when curiosity about Paleo got the better of me. Recently widowed and a young-looking 71, I wanted to rekindle my best self as I faced the challenge of making friends in a new area. Dr.’s Chad and Brenda Walding stood out as two people I needed on my team. Everything they said made sense, so I took a leap of faith and signed up.

My first 30-Day Challenge got off to a rocky start, for I found that my scale had broken in last year’s move. Worse, it was covered with dust. I found a beautiful new digital scale that matched my décor, but it wouldn’t turn on. The instructions explained that the product would not work for a person with metal in their body. I had a titanium plate and screws in my right arm, thanks to a fall in my new home. So it took me until Day 4 of my 30-DC to find an analog scale and weigh myself for the first time in ages. The news was not good: at least 25 pounds more than I would have guessed. This cannot be right, I thought. But it was.

Facing the truth became my first challenge. The second: Chad and Brenda asked for a picture on Day One. I took a selfie in the mirrored part of an armoire. The results were as shocking as the number on the scale. That lady in the mirror cannot be me, I thought. This is not me!

It would have been easy to quit. Looking good again seemed all but impossible. Yet I had already invested in vegetables, and this time I felt determined not to let them die a slow death in the fridge. I had 100% grass-fed organic ground beef from a local store and discovered that organic blackberries taste for better than non-organic. The graphic designer in me started to notice the stunning colors and textures of healthy food. I also realized that what I thought was healthy had been impeding my life for decades. Paleo did away with my standard breakfast of old-fashioned oatmeal with raisins and creamer, plus a glass of orange juice. Grains turned out to be the culprit that kept me in the bathroom nearly every morning. I learned that my orange juice, raisins, and creamer were loaded with sugar that was fueling, rather than burning, my fat cells. I knew that sugar fuels cancer cells too. Not good.

Most days I didn’t have much of a life. When IBS rules, it’s nearly impossible to make (or keep) plans. I would rehydrate with coconut water and Gatorade, and limp through each afternoon on electrolytes and a long nap. I felt so week, but no one knew. For lunch or dinner each day, I would eat a frozen meal. One favorite: black-bean tamales with corn. Though a dental hygienist trained in nutrition, I had no clue that I was eating totally wrong. From my standpoint, I was doing a good job just by staying alive.

By Day 2 of Paleo Secret, I noticed that I felt good. I hadn’t spent the morning in the bathroom. I felt like doing some chores around the house and enjoyed the most mundane tasks. The simple pleasures of cooking and eating healthy food quickly made radical, positive changes in my life. I even enjoy doing dishes. I take pictures of my beautiful plates full of food (half vegetables) and share them online with my new paleo support team. I find joy in encouraging others on their journey, and love this resource.

During the first 30 days, I followed the plan as best I could, not counting the cookie or two that I found in the freezer and one piece of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Not everything was organic or grass-fed or free-range. The learning curve seemed steep. But I must have been doing some things right, for the legs and sleeves on my clothing kept getting longer. I was losing weight, but didn’t know how much. I hoped for five or ten pounds. Happiness returned in my life, along with a sense of purpose and determination to stay on-course. But I still had to face that scale on Day 30.

That milestone came quickly, and I was shocked to learn that 18 pounds were gone! Maybe even 20 pounds, counting those first three days before I could weigh myself on Day 4. I celebrated by sharing the news with new friends online and decorating for Christmas. I prepped and grilled some vegetables, shaking them in a Ziploc bag with olive oil. Wild-caught salmon accompanied half a plateful of yummy grilled vegetables for dinner, replacing frozen meals that I no longer buy. Again, I took a picture of my plate. This time the title included Day 30, representing not only a milestone but a total revision of how I look at food.

Now I have embarked on a second Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge, and will repeat this until I get to my goal. Paleo is a joy, a life-changing adventure. As the first twenty pounds melted away, my blood glucose dropped eight points, to 94. My blood pressure fell from a scary level to 108/77. I sleep through the night, rather than wake up every two hours. My clothes fit better. My feet are no longer swollen, so I can slip into shoes I haven’t worn in years. I feel satisfied with my nutrient-dense food, and seldom need a snack. I can walk into a room where a beautiful chocolate cake, topped with chocolate curls, is the featured attraction and see it as art. I’m not even tempted.

Earlier I mentioned my team. Dr.’s Chad and Brenda Walding are definitely on it. So are my nutrition-conscious PCP and hematologist. They are working with MD Anderson Cancer Center’s myeloma specialist on my case. The goal: to head off full-blown multiple myeloma in patients like me. My diagnosis is SMM, or smoldering multiple myeloma, and is not considered cancer. But “multiple myeloma (the form requiring treatment) is a rare, incurable cancer of the plasma cells,” and not a good thing to have. All of my doctors are 100 percent in favor of paleo as part of my program.

With a progression rate of only one percent per year (not incremental), my chances of outliving it look good. But I want to have every possible chance of being fully here for my kids, my grandkids, and myself, enjoying each day to the max. Paleo has given that to me, serving as the cornerstone of my healthy new life. I love it – not only for the weight loss but for how good it makes me feel. Paleo works!

-Connie Fox, Houston, Texas

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