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Fred Testimonial

October 8th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

My name is Fred Talmadge and I am 52 years old and I live in Seattle, WA

What an interesting and informative 30 days that was! I feel like the Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge was a success for me. Here is a review of my ‘WHY’ statement that I established at the beginning of the challenge:

I am taking on this 30-day challenge because I want:


– Stop feeling that internal pain every morning
– To look and feel better about myself
– I want to be physically and mentally stronger for myself and my family
– To prove my critics wrong
– To feel ‘normal’ again
– To gain more confidence


Before the challenge I would wake up every morning feeling pain inside my body. Usually it manifested itself around my mid-section. I also had this sciatica condition where pain would shoot down the back of my right leg. It was really uncomfortable. I would start my day vaping cannabis just to ease the pain during the day (Cannabis is legal in Seattle). On day #6, I woke up and the pain was gone. I didn’t have the pain in my midsection anymore. The sciatica pain was subsiding. Later in the challenge, the sciatica pain disappeared altogether. Plus I stopped using Cannabis to treat the pain.

For fitness I started walking again. I took Chad’s advice on one of his videos about walking your dog. My pet Chihuahua and I would walk the neighborhood about four times a week. Usually we traveled 2 to 2.5 miles per walk. There is a nice hill to climb during the walk, which got less challenging every day. One time Zarya (my chihuahua) and I walked 3 miles!

My before and after pictures did not show much change. However, I started the challenge at 248 pounds and I ended the challenge at 238 pounds. I feel really great about losing that weight.

For October, I am doing the challenge again. For the fitness part, I am changing to 1 to 2 mile walks five times a week. When I get home from the walk I will be trying out the Flat Belly Flow program. My goal is to lose another ten pounds in October. My overall goal is to get my weight down to 170 pounds. Maybe I can reach 165.. I feel that will take a year to do but now I have all this newfound knowledge. I am getting to know how my body reacts to food and exercise. I think I finally found a method to achieve this. Plus I am learning how to cook healthy meals which is a lot of fun too. Plus I am saving money in that we are not going out to eat as often during the month.

I want to thank Chad and Brenda for their website and their helpful advice over the past 30 days.  Everything was so helpful to me and I am thankful for how you both approach this. I wasn’t overwhelmed in beginning this new phase of my life.


Thanks again,
Fred Talmadge


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