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Donna Testimonial

October 7th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Dear Dr. Chad and Brenda,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
My name is Donna McIntosh and I’m 64 years old from Cumming, Georgia

Before the 30-Day Challenge, I had hip surgery on my left hip and pain in my right hip. I anticipated having to have surgery on that hip as well. The pain I felt in both hips, even after surgery was so bad that I was having a hard time sleeping and working.

I would cry in the evening after work (I’m a swim school owner/instructor). The pain was worse at night, but never went away. I have had this pain for years. I had done physical therapy, steroid shots, pain management, and surgery. I did not look forward to more surgery as it did not relieve the pain. Because of the pain, exercising had been nil – even swimming hurt.

So when I read about the Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge and its benefits, I thought I would give it a try. I decided that I was all in. I was committed. I had one day that I would say that I cheated.  My daughter is moving to Minneapolis, and we had a special dinner.  I had a small piece of cake, but everything else was strictly Paleo. Other than that day, I did not cheat at all.

I also did the 3-Minute flow program. I was actually afraid to start. After two-weeks I noticed that the pain in my hips was almost gone. I have had no pain at all in my hips since Day 18. I realized that I felt rested for the first time in years. I only lost 5 lbs., but I’m OK with that because I feel great. Today I have started a new exercise regimen. I expect over the next few weeks that I will begin to see greater weight loss.

I am a Paleo Secret believer. The daily emails were critical – just what I needed to stay motivated. You guys have changed my life. I sit here now with tears in my eyes as I think of how I felt on Day 1 and how I feel today on Day 30. I look forward to the next 30 days. I will keep you posted on my weight loss going forward.


Thank you so much,
Donna McIntosh


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4 Responses

  1. Sandra says:

    I am 65 years old , a brittle diabetic with celiacs and a lactose intolerance. Can I use this this diet?

    • Andi Petty says:

      The Paleo diet focuses on whole, real food consisting of primarily grass-fed meats, pastured eggs, wild-caught fish (or the highest quality animal proteins you can source), veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds and quality fats. This way of eating excludes processed food, sugar, grains, legumes, milk, cheese and toxic vegetables oils (canola oil, soybean, etc).

  2. Gloria says:

    Why is cheese not good?

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