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Sharon Testimonial

September 17th, 2017
Sharon Cole Before and After


My name is Sharon Cole and I am from Ridgely Maryland.

Before starting the Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge, my weight has always been up and down (mostly up). I would lose a few pounds and quickly gain it back with a couple of extra too.

I have had stomach issues that have gone on for years. I had gone several years with these really bad and extremely painful attacks in my abdomen, only to have my doctor tell me I had Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Finally, in 2010, I went to another doctor and they found that my gallbladder was “sludge” and it had to be removed. Then in 2014, I lost my appendix and still had issues with IBS and sometimes-severe diarrhea.

Just before deciding to start the 30-Day Challenge, I was going through some really horrible days where I could barely walk. My doctor thought that it was caused by arthritis in the spine and a fall I had in March. After months of therapy, which was not helping, I sought out another doctor. She ran some tests and discovered that I had H. Pylori – which is a bacteria in the stomach. I decided that was enough and once I was through the treatment for that I was going to try something different. That is when I found the 30-Day Challenge.

My weight at the beginning of the challenge was 236 pounds. I ran into some problems during the challenge (gastroenteritis) but at the end I weighed in at 223 pounds. Now my exercising was not so much cardio as it was walking, physical therapy, and yoga, however, I am still very happy with the results. I am going to continue with this way of life and am planning to order a much better quality of probiotics. I am now a firm believer that our health issues come from the gut! Thanks you so much for the encouraging emails and the recipes!


Sharon Cole


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