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Pam Testimonial

September 19th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

I have just completed my 30-Day Challenge. It was very inspiring.

My name is Pam Barclay, I am 49 years old from Texas and at that time in life when weight doesn’t just drop off like it used to. So I really needed a boost to get started.

I worked very hard to make the many changes in diet and your daily messages were helpful. I was able to drop 9 lbs. in 30 days. I am hopeful to continue losing weight as I plan to continue with these lifestyle changes.

When I first started out, I really did not think I would like any of the foods. But really, I like most of the choices I have found!  I did not really find a big jump in my grocery bill, as you were right, not purchasing some of the “junk” food snacks makes a difference. I can feel my intestinal tract is more in balance and after the first week it felt pretty good. The first week was very challenging as I was very much addicted to soda and sugars.

I am trying to also incorporate Yoga, which I believe is a great adjunct to the dietary changes.

Thanks for all the tips – they were helpful!


Pam Barclay
San Antonio, Texas.


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