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Judy Testimonial

September 20th, 2017
30 Day Challenge


To the other Paleo neophytes:

I was looking for a way to lose weight only. Luckily I had no other stomach issues.

The reason for my weight gain was this: 20 years ago, a back surgery left me a paraplegic. I have the use of my arms, but I cannot walk.  For at least 15 years, I was a swimmer and used an arm bike, so I stayed the same size. Then I was told that my shoulders were so arthritic that I could no longer swim or use an arm bike.

Of course, I began to gain weight because I now could only do stretches and some strengthening exercises. But two years ago, my shoulders got much worse and I began to lose strength and gain more weight. In May of this year, I had to buy six size16 shirts to get by until I could get back in the closet full of size 14 shirts that I wore for many years.

Paleo was the lifestyle I chose as the healthiest while the hope of losing weight was realistic! I had a hard time starting because I had to convince my husband that the meals were not too different from those we were used eating.  We ate protein and vegetables but added a starch.  We did not have junk food in the house anyway.  So I have now just completed the 30 days.

I was at first concerned that I had no way to weigh myself. And looking in the mirror, I didn’t see much difference.  However, when I thought to put on a size 14 shirt, I rejoiced!! Although I need to lose more weight, I have made real progress.  I can actually wear some of the size 14 shirts and I feel sure that I will be able to wear all of them in another 30 days!!

I never felt hungry in my first 30 days. And I never felt cravings! I ate almond butter for a treat and continued to nibble on 85% chocolate!

I will continue as a Paleo enthusiast and encourage other first timers to do the same!! ☺


Judy Denny


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