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Janet Testimonial

September 18th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Brenda and Chad,

I just want to say… THANK YOU!!!

I have attempted to get healthier on many occasions over the years, but inevitably fell back into my old, unhealthy habits. After finding your program, I have been able to embark on what I consider to be a PERMANENT life change.

I am 60 years old, living in Eastern North Carolina. During the 30-Day Challenge, I have lost 8 pounds and a lot of inflammation. I feel so much better, and no longer have that insatiable, “eat the wallpaper off the walls” hunger that I invariably had previously. As a matter of fact, sometimes I’m not even hungry at mealtime!

I have to say, that I have not really seen this as a ‘challenge’, but more as an introduction. I was not able to totally clean out my kitchen and re-stock with proper foods, but I continue to replace as I can, and have done the best I could.  I have totally changed my shopping habits. I had house guests, then went on vacation during the last week and a half, and again, wasn’t perfect, but made what I thought were the best choices.

And the best part of all… I did not feel guilty!  So my program was not sabotaged.

A side note… A couple of items on my original “why” list included wearing some of my favorite clothes that I had ‘outgrown’, and being able to run up my stairs – something I used to do routinely which I had not done in a long time. Well, today I comfortably wore a pair of slacks that I could barely button before the program, and over the past few days I have once again begun running up the stairs! YAY!

Why has this program worked for me where other programs haven’t? The online support group is hugely responsible. I am a pretty private person, never comfortable joining the Weight Watchers type programs where you go sit at meetings and share stories. But this group has been a huge help to me. I was heartened to learn that others were not ‘perfect’, but still successful. I love the recipe sharing too. I look forward everyday to see what new ideas someone may have come up with. So thanks to all the members as well!

Thanks again for all you do.  I look forward to continuing my Paleo lifestyle and enjoying my healthy, “golden” years!!


Janet Montero
New Bern, NC.


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