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Paula Testimonial

August 17th, 2017
30 Day Challenge


My name is Paula Peters, I am 53 and live in Eastern North Carolina. I decided to take the 30-Day Challenge because I wanted to lose weight, get off prescriptions, and lessen inflammation in my body. My neck and back ache most of the time and I am on prescriptions that I would like to be able to stop (with doctor approval) as I know they are not “good” for my body either.

The Challenge looked like something I could really get into since you don’t have to measure food or count calories. I went into the challenge looking at it as a lifestyle change not a diet and continue to look at it that way.

Before the Challenge, my blood sugar was regularly in the 108 – 130 range and now it is in the 68 to 118 range. I can’t wait to see what my new A1C and cholesterol levels are next time they are checked. I’m enjoying that I lost 11 ½ pounds during the 30 days just by changing what I ate.

It has been a little hard in that I feel like I spend most of my free time cooking and I’m not enjoying all my meals as much as before the challenge (but I guess I’ve learned that I ate a Lot of “comfort food” before now). Also, I live in a small community and have some difficulty finding the healthiest meats etc. for doing Paleo the correct way.

However, I do feel better and look forward to getting all the extra weight off and being healthy to take better care of myself for the future and not allow disease to steal my life away. I really appreciate Drs. Chad and Brenda for all their info, emails, encouragement, knowledge and care in sharing what they have learned in becoming healthier themselves. I don’t know that I could have continued the first 30 days without all that from them.

I do HIGHLY recommend the 30-Day Challenge and going into it with the mindset this is a lifestyle not a diet – it can change your life for the better.


Paula Peters


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