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Mary Testimonial

July 10th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Chad & Brenda,

Your emails over the last 30 days have been great!

I spent a couple of months prior to signing onto your 30-Day challenge cooking from the 21-Day sugar detox cookbook, so I was familiar with the concept of introducing healthy fats and cutting out grains certain starches.

I bought the water filter you recommended and actually notice improvement in my energy level. I like your helpful tips in regards to not drinking liquid at meals. I am now mindful of chewing my food more!! I also now drink a large glass of water upon waking. I have a container of the filtered water in my bathroom and drink 12 oz. first thing.

I plan to continue for another 30 days and will incorporate the meal plans you sent. I like your suggestion that the recipes do not have to be followed exactly. What I am trying to do is grasp the formula of the diet and make it into one that works for me on my busy lifestyle

All the best,

Mary Roberts
Carlisle, MA


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