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Gina Testimonial

July 9th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

I completed my 30-Day Challenge!

It wasn’t difficult – in fact, it was fun!

I consider myself a pretty good cook and found it easy to make fabulous, delicious meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner and even snacks for when were out and about or on the golf course. Examples: lettuce wraps with avocado, nitrate and sugar-free natural bacon (spendy but delicious) and leftover chicken from terrific balsamic vinegar marinated chicken breasts I had made.

I had dinner guests and everything was 30-Day OK!

I did the challenge for four main reasons:

  1. To cleanse myself from sugar and the fabulous gluten-free goodies I was consuming from a nearby new bakery. Great that they are GF, as I am, but those muffins and pastries are FULL of sugar!
  1. I also am trying to resolve edema issues in my ankles and legs – especially in the hot weather. They think the lymphatic system may not be functioning – due in part from a lymph node that was removed several years ago.
  1. To see if I could improve my sleep of only 4 hours a night.
  1. And, lastly, I wanted to lose some weight. Hoping for 10-12 pounds.

I exercise regularly so maintaining an active lifestyle was easy. Making and buying the right foods was also easy – but the shopping and cooking does take more time and is more expensive. For example, the bacon I mentioned previously was $7 – but used sparingly was sublime!!

My husband did not take the challenge with me, though he thorough enjoyed all the meals!

The most difficult times were going out to eat, not joining in drinks with friends and, oh how I miss my hit of dark chocolate!

Several times when going out to eat, I asked to chat with the chef so that I might ask for a simple egg in butter or chicken breast grilled with olive oil with a fresh vegetable salad (hold the croutons, beans, corn etc.), add some slices of avocado and tomato. They obliged but charged mightily for the special a-la-cart treatment. But I stayed with it 100%!

I did lose some weight – about 7 lbs. – but not what I had hoped. The edema seems better, my energy level is good and generally I feel much, much better.

I do feel much better overall and that is fabulous. As I begin a family holiday, I will add some foods back in my diet but will remain conscious of what is in the foods I am eating and the food choices I make. Thanks!


Gina W
Portland, Oregon


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