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Barbara Testimonial

July 19th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Dear Dr. Chad and Dr. Brenda,

I am very thankful for the abundance of instruction you have given me.

The end result was that I lost 10 pounds, and I seem to have slimmed down all around. The daily e-mails have been extremely informative and I have been enjoying trying out different recipes. I plan to avoid the grains and pastas and breads, as well as limit dairy and sweets.

The biggest change I am making long-term is to cut out the carbs from the grains and pasta. It was new information for me to learn about the need for “good fats”. I am also trying to get more sleep, as I generally would sleep much less than what you have suggested.

I have gleaned so much from the morning stretches, the Thrive Market, the encouragement and the vast number of videos. I have definitely made changes in the way I eat, and plan to continue with these changes.

Thank you wholeheartedly for pouring your hearts and souls into helping others achieve long-term health benefits. I have also just started with the Paleo Flat Belly Challenge.


Than you
Barbara Zona
Sylvania, Ohio


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