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55 Ways to Satisfy Your Paleo Sweet Tooth

July 17th, 2017

Are you struggling with sweet cravings now that you’ve gone Paleo?

Or, are you thinking about going Paleo but are afraid you’ll miss treats too much?

Well, we have the answer you’ve been looking for with our brand new FREE dessert cookbook – “Paleo Treats: 55 Decadent Desserts for Your Paleo Sweet Tooth.” Just pay shipping!!


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Everyone wants to indulge from time to time but no one wants the sugar crash, belly bloat or weight gain that comes from traditionally processed treats.

How can you get around that?

By creating delicious desserts that use quality ingredients – free of refined sugar, additives, glutens, grains, milk, soy and chemicals. Following the Paleo principles, we’ve created a resource of recipes that use nutrient-dense, whole foods so you can enjoy your sweets guilt-free.

Whether it’s for a holiday party, special event, wedding or birthday – all of the recipes inside Paleo Treats are healthier than the prepackaged variety and taste just as amazing – if not better!

What are you waiting for?



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Article written by: Andi Petty

Andi is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach and Paleo enthusiast. Read more of her work and connect with Andi here

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