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Lucienne Testimonial

June 23rd, 2017
30 Day Challenge

I have completed the 30-Day Challenge and am hooked for life!

My husband and I have experimented with Paleo in the past. He lost 60 pounds in 3 months and was able to cure his 30 years of chronic migraines. I lost weight too but still had 10-12 pounds that I just couldn’t lose.

In May 2017, a cousin “liked” The Paleo Secret on Facebook and caught my interest. Four months earlier my husband had the aorta of his heart suddenly start tearing which required emergency heart surgery. Then 10 days later he had a stroke from one of the torn arteries. Our blissful life changed in a heartbeat.

Having cheated death twice I wanted to do all I could to improve his chances of living another 30 years with me and Paleo Secret seemed like the answer.

I joined the Challenge and quietly introduced coconut milk and took away the whole milk as I cooked paleo meals. No more breads and huge bowls of ice cream. Once I told him about the Paleo plan – he was all for it! And has begun finally losing the weight he gained since his surgery. He now has better energy and less fatigue and says he feels better.

Even more fantastic is I dropped 9 pounds in the 30 days and have less joint pain than usual and definitely have more energy.

I’ve now started talking about the aspects of The Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge with my mother-in-law (91yo) who is 91 years old and lives with us – and she is willing to try it! She takes coconut oil every morning and I am getting her on turmeric and cooking Paleo foods. If I can keep them both healthy my life is richer and more enjoyable.

Thank you for sharing The Paleo Secret with us common folks and for the tips to continue living a clean life.


Lucienne Nelson
62 year-old retiree


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  1. Debra says:

    I see a place to click for free 30- day challenge but when I go to order, it’s giving me a price. Can you direct me to the free trial? I am very excited to begin this Paleo lifestyle!
    Thank you.

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