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Joy Testimonial

June 11th, 2017
Joy Before & After

Joy Brandon
43 years old,
McDonough, Georgia

I started this challenge because I wanted a lifestyle change.

My mother had two heart attacks – one at age 50 and the other at age 58 which ended with a quadruple bi-pass. I am built just like her and have some of the same medical issues – high blood sugar and high cholesterol. I also have hypothyroidism. I do NOT want to end up like my mother.

I decided I not only needed a change, but I WANTED a change. This Challenge seemed like the best thing for me to do.

Now, I’m not going to say it’s been a piece of cake because it hasn’t. I still crave things that I choose not to eat and I don’t know that those will ever go away.

The thing is, it’s mind over matter. You get to choose whether or not you are going to stick to your plan. You choose if it’s worth it. I can honestly say that I have NOT cheated even one time.

One of the most difficult things for me to do was drinking all of the water I was supposed to. It was hard to force myself to drink as much as I needed.

What has helped me the most is knowing ahead of time the main pantry staples I needed to have on hand. The second is having daily emails of recipes and encouragement.

I haven’t had any lab work done yet – however I am pretty pleased with my results:

Bust: – 1 in.
Stomach: – 2 1/2 in.
Hips: – 2 in.
Weight: – 16 1/2 lbs.

I plan to continue this way of eating. My energy level is starting to pick up and I’m feeling pretty well.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!!!


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