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Jadie Testimonial

June 10th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Good morning,

I’m probably your oldest subscriber.  I’m 71, almost 72 and have been in great health until recently.  I knew my body had begun to decline due to age, but little did I know that I had Sjogrens Syndrome until a few weeks ago.  Most things I was reading pointed to diet.

My first thought was that ‘I can’t do this’, my second thought was, ‘I have to do this.’

It was about that time that I saw your video on Instagram that sparked my interest and the rest is history. The video seemed genuine and worthwhile. I subscribed that day and started my journey.

Thus, I have sadness and joy today. My sadness is that the 30 days has come to an end. The joy is that I feel so much better.  No more bloating, improved GI function, less joint stiffness, increased energy, and improved sleep.  The crowning jewel is that I’ve lost 7 pounds even though we traveled twice during this 30 days which meant eating out.

Initially, this way of eating was time consuming. I have spent lots of time in the kitchen but I’m figuring out how to plan better and prep more for several days.  My pantry and refrigerator certainly look different. Thank goodness, I have really good kitchen equipment. My next purchase is a better water filter.

The initial books were great and supported other literature I was reading. The daily emails are what helped me get started and then continued to sustain my efforts. I have learned so much. As you learn more, I would appreciate your passing the information along to your subscribers.

My biggest challenge is that my husband still likes his favorite foods, which causes me to have to cook 2 different meals sometimes. It’s ok though because he is very supportive. Last night he complimented me for sticking to this new eating lifestyle in order to feel better.

I’m so glad I saw the video on Instagram. You are doing the right thing and there is no doubt that you will help others.

My best to both of you for a job well done – I’m not sure I could have done this without you.


Jadie Barwick


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