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Claudette Testimonial

June 13th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

I am 72 years old and healthy other than taking a diuretic for BP every other day.

When I decided to do the Challenge, I had lost about 60 lbs. over several years but needed to lose another 20. I did not drink soda or eat bread, rice or potatoes except occasionally. I also ate eggs, lean meats, veggies of all colors and dairy.

I tried vegetarian and Keto diets in the past to get the last pounds off but I did not feel well and felt my body retaining more fluid.

I knew about Paleo eating and had also read much of the work of Dr. Mark Hyman. When I saw your program on Facebook, I considered it for over a week and decided to commit to trying it.

I have not been off the program since I began and I was on vacation for the last ten days of the thirty. I lost only about 4 pounds but I feel so much better and have more energy than I have had in years. I can see small changes in my body and I know it will continue to change if I stay committed.

One thing I love about the program is the view that health is multi-dimensional with physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual domains. It requires that we take responsibility for our own health and understand how what we eat affects the health of our planet. It is also a way of showing love for ourselves. Most of us have self-esteem issues and taking extra care with what we put in our mouths and ensuring we exercise begins to change our ideas of who we are and who we can become.

Now I am not eating dairy or sugar. I am buying my groceries at an organic cooperative, drinking more water and being much more thoughtful about my choices. I am continuing with this program because I truly see it as a way of life that will get me to my goals and make me be healthier and feel younger. I love the on- line community and support people provide each other and the daily communication provided in e-mails.

Thank you for starting this program and providing the comprehensive network of support from which we benefit. I am looking forward to this next month’s experience and seeing the changes in me I want to see.


Claudette Hamm


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