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Cheryl Testimonial

June 28th, 2017
30 Day Challenge


I have just finished my 30-Day Challenge.

I love this way of eating (note: I did NOT say DIET!) I feel so much better now!

My biggest accomplishment? My “chronic colitis” that had been diagnosed by my physician has completely cleared up! I have also lost weight – only 5 lbs. But, I think I could have lost more if I had been able to eat Paleo foods exclusively.

During this period I have had to make-do on individual meals because of travel to be with a hospitalized family member. (Ironically, I found hospital food to be the most difficult source for Paleo options – but restaurant food can be worked with fairly well).

I am continuing my Paleo lifestyle by immediately rolling into another 30-Day Challenge tomorrow without any breaks. I do not even want a “cheat” day in between. I no longer crave sweets! In fact, the only things that I crave are ice water, coconut oil, and homemade coconut milk. And, I really look forward to my breakfasts with sauteed fresh veggies! I am never hungry, but rather very comfortably satisfied.

I really have enjoyed the Paleo Secret Facebook page. Everyone is so helpful! And, most importantly, I appreciated having Chad, Brenda, and the rest of the Paleo Secret team – your messages were always positive and uplifting! This was especially important for me since my circumstances during this Challenge caused breaks in my Paleo eating during the day on some days.

Reading the daily messages from everyone each day helped me to feel confident that I could still accomplish a good outcome if I did the best I could at any point in time. This was especially important since the non-availability of food in the hospital setting caused small breaks in my program.

It helped me to continue with Paleo selections with whatever I ate next that day instead of giving up and saying to myself, “well – I messed today up – I might as well wait until tomorrow to start again.” I simply started with the next thing I ate or drank – often that was by continuing with drinking water – because no matter what was or was not available – I always had access to water.

Thanks everyone!!!! You kept my head up and my goal ever so gently and continuously on my mind.

I love this program and the people in it! I am so happy – Chad and Brenda – that you took your life’s’ circumstances and made such a positive growth experience for so many people. Thank you for blessing my life with your knowledge, skills, and care!


Cheryl Bartlett


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