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Rose Testimonial

May 7th, 2017
30 Day Challenge


I am totally in love with my new Paleo diet! I started trying to watch my diet just before Thanksgiving. I did watch it but really didn’t stick to my guns until just before Christmas. That is when I got on the 30 Day Challenge.

It has been amazing. I feel so much better and do not have any food cravings. The Challenge tells us to eat when we are hungry – what a wonderful idea! I don’t really get hungry on this diet, so when “lunch time” or “dinner time” arrives I don’t feel like I have to eat. I used to be starving ALL the time – now I don’t stress about cooking at all.

Cooking has now become very enjoyable for me. I cook for about 3 days ahead so I always have something on hand to eat. It has been very freeing and I feel like my time is my own.

To anyone doing the Challenge, I would advise finding a partner to work with. My mother has been my partner. Both of us have been cooking for one and doing a very poor job of it. Since you don’t have anyone else to consider you can just grab anything that’s handy and it is usually some processed food that is not healthy. We started having cooking days where we get together and make up the recipes and then split them. That way we can try more of a variety and not have so many left over’s of the same thing. Planning ahead is a must.

Eating out at restaurants is easier than you think. There are lots of places that have healthy foods to eat –  you just need to be conscience of what you want to order. It has actually been easy to turn down unhealthy choices.

Now for my results:

I have lost 23 pounds since Thanksgiving and it really didn’t start coming off until I started using the 30-Day Challenge Paleo Recipes.

Thank you so much for all the great coaching advice this past 30 days. I am planning to stick to these new habits for good. My grandmother struggled with her weight and finally got it figured out at age 56. She told me not to wait that long. I didn’t listen. I wish I would have. I’m 62 now and feeling better than ever. My stomach used to hurt all the time. I had a lot of inflammation and had been of Prednisone for a number of years. I am not taking any Prednisone now and I have stopped my meds for High Blood Pressure and am weaning off the meds that controlled my High Cholesterol. I feel GREAT. I feel like walking.

Thank you again,
Rose Wiegert


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