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Judy Testimonial

May 3rd, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Dear Dr. Brenda and Dr. Chad,

Thank you for giving me the inspiration to take this step!

I’m 57 years old, working a desk job for the government after 30+ years of floor nursing.

I’ve always been very athletic – my whole life! I’ve never had to struggle with weight or the desire to exercise.

HOWEVER, after a series of unfortunate events…a very sad divorce, menopause, several deaths of close loved ones and an accident…things really changed.

Depression took hold and I just couldn’t shake it.  Menopause changed my body’s ability to manage my weight and energy levels and severe pain prevented me from my usual exercise.

A change in jobs to what I thought would be the job of a lifetime… which it is… turned out to be the most stressful job ever!  Not to mention the fact that the boss kept a station of chocolates readily available and well stocked to “help” us cope with the stress. And with frequent potlucks with all kinds of yummy – and fattening foods – I gained 50 pounds over about 6 years!

I worked, commuted (4 hrs. per day), came home late, ate a heavy dinner in front of the TV and then crashed. Weekends were spent doing household chores and crashing on the couch or sleeping much of my days off.

I developed high blood pressure (208/110) and high cholesterol and triglycerides. My family has a very strong history of heart disease and stroke, so I went on medications to combat these issues.

Within a few years I had developed Metabolic syndrome – including Diabetes type 2.  My blood sugar went up to 500! I felt terrible! I couldn’t sleep and was in constant pain – especially when I tried to exercise.

Frankly, I became quite suicidal. All I could think about was killing myself.  But I knew that would destroy my loved ones…especially my wonderful children.

So I took more medication – anti-depressants were added to the growing list.

I had a hard time changing my diet since I was on Insulin and so I would adjust the dose to “cope” with the extra sweets I’d eat to calm my stressed mind.

As a nurse and an avid life long athlete… I knew exactly what I really needed to do… BUT did I do it?… NOOOO!

As my weight hit 190, my blood pressure 210/ 120, my cholesterol 300 and my triglycerides at 600 and by blood sugar at an average of 220 I knew I was headed for disaster.

I had to change! And NOW was the time.

Finally I’d had enough and was ready when I saw your post on Facebook about the Paleo Secret. I started immediately.

I did not take photos, however on day 1 I weighed 191# in the morning, wore a size 14. I’m 5’9” and large boned.

As I increased my protein and dark leafy veggie intake I developed gout and other, what I call, traveling arthritis pains. I realized I wasn’t drinking enough water.  I reduced the amount of red meats and dark leafy veggies and that pain is getting better.

As I stopped eating all processed sugar, reading labels, eating healthy fats and your yummy golden milk and morning drink, I started feeling so much better. My brain fog lifted, the constant burning muscle pain stopped, my dyspepsia stopped – no more proton pump inhibitors for me!  My clothes go looser and I was sleeping much better.

I began listening to my body… when I would even think of eating a scone or cookie…I could actually feel my body cringe. My mind finally respected my body and helped me to not even want these toxic foods.

Now day 30 I weigh 176 pounds, my blood pressure is 110/80, my blood sugar is averaging 100. I haven’t got my lipid panel checked yet but I’m curious to see what it is. I’ve had to purchase smaller clothes too!

I do feel so much better and am committed to continuing this lifestyle for the rest of my life.

Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge with me.  I find your daily emails very encouraging and so helpful!

Blessings to you both.


Judy Somerby
Jenner, California


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