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Jim Testimonial

May 26th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

My name is Jim Dube and I live in Berwick, Maine.

I’m 47 and I owe so much to Brenda and Chad!!

Before I did the 30-Day Challenge, I was so sluggish from eating bad food. The inflammation in my body has been holding me back from doing all of the things I love to do – fishing, hunting, four-wheeling and all other outdoor activities. I have 3 bad discs in my back with nerve issues. These medical issues combined with the inflammation prevent me from doing the things I love.

Brenda and Chad have shown me how to help with the inflammation by eating whole foods. They sent me awesome weekly recipes, which were a huge help during my 30 days. Those recipes will be with me forever. Brenda and Chad’s emails were key for helping me on my new journey into my new lifestyle of eating Paleo. I feel that they are with me, encouraging me every day with their emails.

I have a lot of weight to lose as well and this new lifestyle is making it so easy to lose the weight. I have lost 5 pounds every week during the 30-Day Challenge. I am feeling so good and alive again! And the inflammation is really going away!

My back is feeling a little better and while I know that nerve pain may never go away completely, I can feel a huge difference. I firmly believe that eating whole foods has helped me so much.

I plan on eating Paleo forever. Thank you guys so much, I believe you have saved my life. My future is look a lot better.


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