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Raelene Testimonial

April 5th, 2017
30 Day Challenge


My name is Raelene V. & I am from Cunningham, Tennessee.

Before starting on this journey, I was tired, fat & miserable. After 30 Days on this journey, I lost 4 lbs. & it is the first time I’ve been below 180 lbs. in years.

I feel slimmer and I can wear clothes I couldn’t wear before. However, the biggest change is I am no longer tired & miserable. One of the greatest things to happen is my sleep is better. I no longer need a sleep aid!

By sticking mostly with Paleo, I have both my bread & sugar addictions under control. I enjoy my food more. I no longer eat mindlessly.

If I had to track my food or count calories, I would not have done this diet. I like that it is balanced & I don’t have to buy processed food. I prefer to cook my own whenever possible.

I will continue to mostly follow Paleo & hope to get even more benefits.


Thank you Chad and Brenda!
Raelene V.


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