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LaVerne Testimonial

April 13th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Just want to say “thank you” for your guidance, recipes, challenges, books, downloads, and encouraging emails during the last 30 days.

It is not to say that I lost the weight I had hoped to; however, I did lose more pounds than I would have alone. Your books, your recipes, your encouragement all led me to healthier eating, more awareness of what I am eating and when. It has also encouraged me to watch portions and what I am eating when I dine out with friends.

I am feeling more confident about myself, my clothes are fitting better, and I even have to buy new pants/jeans because the ones I have are too baggy. I LOVE that!

Yes, I truly have enjoyed this time spent with you both – Dr. Brenda and Dr. Chad – and all the helpful hints and materials I have received.

I look forward to a future with more weight loss and better health all around. It has even encouraged me to work on better bed time hours so that I get up earlier in the morning. I have cut back on how much time I spend on the computer and find myself signing off much earlier.

Thank you very much. It has been my pleasure to be with you.

I began with weight of 165.6, and today, I weighed in at 157. It has been a long time since I weighed under 157. As I said, I am going to continue.

God bless you.
LaVerne Seefeld


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