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Laura Testimonial

April 26th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Hi Chad & Brenda!

My name is Laura, I’m 49 and live in Los Angeles. I just completed the 30-Day Challenge and have some good stuff to share.

First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful program. You have put a lot of love, thought, and compassion into it and made it fun to follow. I loved waking up to the daily emails with recipes, stories and support!

Second of all, I want to say that as a health-conscious, long-time student of holistic nutrition, I’m very diligent about what I put in my body, and thought I had things pretty dialed in. I was healthy on paper, but I couldn’t deny that I just wasn’t feeling good. I was often depressed and my stomach felt funky. I’d been getting this trio of headache, dizziness, and queasiness for probably 4-5 years now and didn’t know what exactly was causing it. My feet would often swell, no matter if I was sitting or standing at work all day. My big toe joint had been hurting more and more regularly. I was tired and worn out a lot. And something was making me itch like crazy. I just couldn’t figure out what the problem was, but clearly, something needed to change! I’m also entering menopause, so that’s caused a few unwanted pounds to jump on!  I’m already gluten-free and eat lots of whole, organic foods as a given, and I had tried Paleo in the past, but I wasn’t a big meat eater and ultimately stopped doing it full force just because of that. I couldn’t see myself eating wild boar and elk, haha. This time, though, when I saw your challenge, I decided to give it a try and stick with it.

For me, the main things I had to give up were rice, a modest amount of gluten-free breads and products, my sweet tooth (for “healthy” sweets, mind you!), and my favorite toxic hazelnut coffee creamer. Sigh… But, thanks to you guys, I found something better! I now use a very small amount of raw, organic honey, grass-fed butter, and hemp/almond/or coconut milk in my coffee, and I love it! I also had to add more animal protein and good fats with nuts/oils/grass-fed butter, but this time I made it my own with the foods I liked – wild-caught fish, and free-range eggs, turkey and chicken. One thing I did NOT give up was dark chocolate.

So, to the results…

Almost immediately, my stomach felt better, I didn’t feel depressed, I had a ton more energy, my big toe stopped hurting, and that annoying trio of headache/dizziness/queasiness has disappeared.  None of that has returned, and I’m very grateful for that! Also, my hair is incredibly silky, soft and bouncy! All good stuff. The only downsides were: I have only lost 1 lb total. But, I am pretty positive it’s because I haven’t been exercising, and I know it’s hard for my body to process that much animal protein if I’m not exercising. Also, my skin started itching even worse, and I thought I might be allergic to something on the diet. BUT acupuncture is starting to help that and I haven’t changed what I’m eating, so I’m encouraged by that.

What’s next for me: I will be continuing on with everything, adding more and more of the good foods, trying more of the recipes. AND, I’ll be back to my regular exercise regimen starting today, including your Flat-belly Flow program, and will report back in another 30 days let you know how it went.

Thanks so much for the program and for all you do to help people learn how to eat and get healthy!

Warmest Regards,
Laura Marshall


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