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Cindy and Allen Testimonial

April 11th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Hi Chad and Brenda!

Thank you for helping my boyfriend and I through this 30-Day Challenge! Your daily reports are encouraging and educational, and I think that was a major key to keeping us on track. I was more dedicated to sticking to the plan, but Allen has had more difficulty in eliminating sweets.

He’s always had such a sweet tooth, and since being with him, I’ve put on weight…in part because there have been so many sugary products around the house – but Allen is the one who lost the most weight (8 lbs.), while I lost (1-2 lbs.)!  However, my pants are MUCH looser, so I know something is definitely working.

In addition, we both are simply feeling a lot better, and I’m sure it has everything to do with inflammation reduction! I have dealt with chronic migraines since third grade, and they are a regular part of my life. Since a serious motor vehicle accident in April of 2013, I’ve lived in constant pain.

In addition to the broken bones, my back and neck were severely compromised. In fact, back surgery is in my near future. I will never walk without a limp, which causes back misalignment and other aches and pains. Since the challenge, I have noticed a definite decrease in this chronic pain, and Allen has noticed that his arthritis isn’t flaring up as much!

In addition to the Paleo challenge, I am doing the flat belly exercise program that you developed. Since the accident, my exercise has been minimal because it causes me so much pain, but I’ve been able to keep up with the stomach exercise routine, and I feel much stronger and can move much easier… and yes, my belly is definitely flatter! Thank you!

We plan on continuing with the Paleo lifestyle, and I will continue with the exercise program with hopes I will gradually be able to do more! Every day before work, I read all kinds of information offered to naturally improve our health, and I appreciate all that the two of you have contributed.

Thank you so very much! We are forever grateful for the knowledge and encouragement! Please keep up the good work!


Best regards,
Cindy Gaines and Allen Fretz


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