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Alison Testimonial

April 24th, 2017
Alison Bennet Before & After

Hello Paleo Secret team,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Alison, and I recently finished the 30-Day Challenge on March 27th. I’m sorry this is so late getting to you. Life has been crazy, but I felt this was an important part of the challenge process – taking a moment out to appreciate the journey thus far. Please find below the information requested:

Name: Alison Bennet
Age: 30
From: Somerville, MA

Summary: After the 30 Day Challenge, I lost 9 pounds and have noticed a considerable difference in how my clothes fit. The most empowering and uplifting aspect of my post-Challenge self is how good I feel, from the inside out. I have more energy, and my skin went from having a patch of eczema on my hand and some breakouts (my signs of stress) to completely clear. I’ve even had my friends notice that my skin is glowing. Moreover, I feel great and in control of my food choices knowing that I’m putting the best possible fuel into my body that it can use to function at it’s best.

What’s next? I’m on Day 43 now, and am down 3 more pounds – fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to in over 5 years. This is my way of life now, and I’m so thrilled that I said ‘Yes’ to this challenge.

Thank you!
All the best,


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