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Barb Testimonial

March 20th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Barb G.
Age: 64,
Location: Battle Ground, WA,

I lost 8 lbs and 5″ during the 30-Day Challenge!

I am so happy that I found Chad, Brenda and the Paleo Secret 30-Day Challenge. My health had been deteriorating for years due to stress and poor eating while traditional medical community just kept referring me to one specialist after another. Each of these specialists was sure that if I added their drug of choice, I would feel much better – I didn’t!

My husband and I were both retired, planning to have an active life. We thought I just needed time to overcome the results of the stressful work life I had left behind in order to pick up my pace. Wrong! I kept slowing down further! I couldn’t breathe well. I was getting less and less flexible and most joints hurt.

I finally stopped all drugs except thyroid, met a Naturopath who helped with digestive issues enough that I started thinking about removing all added sugar from my diet. I was learning how addictive and dangerous sugar is to our bodies so I knew I needed a plan to be successful. I have tried many different diet/eating plans over the years as I gained weight and had a library full of books that did not work for me.

During my research to detox sugar, I discovered how easy that might be with the awesome support of the entire Paleo Secret plan and staff. The daily inspirational and motivational emails and full access to the FB community of current and previous members of the plan was invaluable! The cost of the plan initially was the deciding factor to give it a try. A one time nominal charge for all of that support that I could have easily spent on just one meal! I am so glad I did not decide to detox from sugar and processed foods alone!

During those 30 days, I learned a new way of looking at preparing food. I love creating and cooking meals for us now. I rarely even use a recipe. I have gone back to using our local gym instead of just paying for it and I have joined a yoga class twice a week. Life is good!

I intend to continue with the new Paleo eating lifestyle I have put into place and to be a part of the Paleo Secret FB group to help support other members as well as myself well into the future.


Thank you, Paleo Secret Team!


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  1. Sharon O'Shea says:

    Tried to download the recipes but am told you are closed for the day. This is the second time.

    • Andi Petty says:

      That means you unsubscribed at some point. When you unsubscribe, it is made clear that you will no longer be eligible to receive anything from us. You can try a different email address or contact us at and we will manually send you what you’re trying to get 🙂

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