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Sherri Testimonial

February 16th, 2017
30 Day Challenge

Well I lost 16 pounds. Amazing!!

My energy level is great. The biggest change is that the inflammation that has plagued me my entire adult life is gone. GONE!!!

I was diagnosed with Mixed Auto Immune Disorder in my 20’s and when I was 35 had to go on disability. I was then put on massive quantities of steroids to control the inflammation – I thought I was doomed!

Then I found the Paleo Secret. Chad and Brenda talked me through it with daily emails. My husband did it too! We started the 30-Day Challenge and noticed within a few days how much better we felt! The inflammation is literally gone – and no more steroids.

I still have 40 pounds that I need to lose but I can literally feel it coming off.

We fell of the wagon a couple times and each time we did we felt terrible. We know that this is the right diet for us. I think it’s right for everyone!!

We are committed to the Paleo lifestyle. Thank you Chad and Brenda. You helped my husband and I regain our health!! Even my doctor wanted to know what I was doing. He said it was definitely working for me!!


Sherri P


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  1. Tammie says:

    Looking forward to eating better and feeling healthier

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