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Roger Testimonial

January 3rd, 2017
Roger Before & After

My name is Roger, 68 years old from Aliso Viejo, CA.

I’ve tried most, if not all, diet gimmicks. Surprise! Didn’t work!

From age 20 to 49, my weight ballooned to 362 lbs. Doctors warned of diabetes, out of control blood pressure, all manner of highs of bad stuff and lows of good stuff plus new stuff showing up – celiac disease, edema, thyroid cancer. So, finally at 50 I had gastric bypass and lost 99 lbs! And, had to learn to eat all over again! Hit the proverbial wall.

Weight up to 295 down to 250. But couldn’t move out of that neighborhood. Knee replacements, MRSA infection – almost bought the farm with that – and then 60% of Pancreas removed with Total Splenectomy, I believe, the result of years eating poorly.

My wife’s sudden death in mid-2013, relying on friends and family for shelter and food, isn’t working out well enough. So, Paleo Secret Community popped up on Facebook. Inherently, I knew this was what my body needed to survive! Celiac issues, Sugar addiction, Love meat and veggies, Love seeds and nuts, Love fruit – berries especially. Dabbled a few times with Paleo years ago. I was ready for this next generation program.

It didn’t come easy! I cheated! I rationalized! I made excuses! But, I didn’t give up. I started each new day strong, read the Paleo Community FB posts, took to heart others’ struggles, and moved forward!

When I started, I weighed in at 270 (I think) and now at 245! Everyday better than yesterday! I don’t worry about tomorrow till it strikes midnight! I try to Keep It Slow and Simple! Don’t get ahead of myself! Don’t get overwhelmed!

Only took 48 years to reach this point. Nowhere yet, really! But, so much farther than I ever thought possible. Here to stay! Goal of 225 lbs before I reassess and make another goal. Don’t want to overwhelm myself with the numbers.

Thanks to Brenda and Chad for their guidance and common sense approach to Paleo. Also, all who contribute with FB posts and comments that help immensely! ROCK ON PALEO SECRET!


Roger R


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