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Pat Testimonial

December 28th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

I want to shout from the rooftops – “Pay attention to your body!”

I knew I was stuck in a bad cycle before I found the Paleo Secret. I call it “divine intervention.”

It took me until Day 11 to really get started. I knew the plan was right for me but the change was overwhelming.

I’m now down 5 pounds, I sleep better, I don’t need antacids and I found fun in cooking. I know that I am the one in control and responsible for my health and well-being. There are no major cures – just a little faith and perseverance.

I am amazed at how easy it is now to stay on track because I FEEL BETTER when I do! Thank you Dr.’s Chad and Brenda for saving me. God bless your work.


Pat M


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