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Connie Testimonial

November 25th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

My husband & I began the Paleo Challenge with gusto & determination to change our lives. We are both within days of turning 65.

We have tried everything from Weight Watchers, Vegan & juicing, Fasting & various other crazy “lose weight” tactics, as well as, “go crazy at the gym workouts” over our 44 years of marriage.

My husband has had 5 heart attacks, open heart surgery, 14 heart caths, 12 stents, pacemaker after dying on the table & shocked back 4 times… all within 5 years.  The last 37 years after having 2 children I have been obese… exhaustion, various “mystery diseases” never diagnosed. So we were ready to try this “diet” that made no sense in today’s conventional thoughts for health.
My husband loved the various meals I prepared from the different cookbooks offered for download. We enjoyed each meal & were never hungry between meals. Unbelievable!!! We began fitting in clothes we had not fit in forever. We felt so good. My husband had to go buy jeans because his were so baggy.
We’ve lost many inches, our inflammation was gone & we feel so much better.

So we SHALL continue & persevere, because we believe it works. Anxious for the journey ahead to a fuller more abundant life to live & be able to give to others.

We thank you that you were led to the Paleo way of eating & sharing it with so many; & the Lord for this wonderful way He designed for us to eat naturally.
Connie C


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