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Theresa Testimonial

August 9th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

I used to be 5’2” until a car accident broke my back. Now I am 5’ 0 and in constant pain.

My weight was only 135 but the loss of two inches made me obese and it was all concentrated on my belly.

I walk for exercise and in the last 2 years I have walked more than 2000 miles – still weighed 135 and still had a fat belly, even though I have always tried to maintain a “healthy” eating style.

I decided there was nothing to lose except my fat belly in trying the 30-day Paleo Challenge, so on May 26th I signed up. Surprisingly, the eating style was very much the same way I had been eating except for the natural fats in food.

I was taught to trim all the fat, not eat bacon, so I would make fat free, sugar free muffins to try to keep cholesterol in check.

When I started your challenge I went whole hog and made bacon and eggs, ate the crisp fat on pork chops and steak and low and behold I have lost 4 pounds and 1” off my belly and 1” off my bum. Whoopee!!!

I never have cramps or bowel problems anymore and I sleep better. My skin looks amazing (filled the wrinkles with fat, I guess) and for a 68 year old women I feel pretty good.
Thank you for all the supportive e-mails and suggestions. This was the easiest lifestyle change to stick to in my entire life!

The last week was the most challenging, but now I believe I can continue and try to get under 128 so I will not be obese (on paper).


Theresa Z



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