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Sue Testimonial

August 22nd, 2016
30 Day Challenge

My husband and I’ve been on the Paleo diet for 30 days.

Our doctor recommended  that we go on the paleo diet. We can still eat real food but with changes in eating processed food.

Its not a quick fix to losing weight but a healthier way. A life style change.  We both recently went to our doctor, I didn’t lose a lot of weight but he told me that I was losing the sugars in my system and gaining the muscle I needed. My clothes are loose around the middle.

My husband lost 14 pounds and committed to eating Paleo.  We are both diabetic and he plans to get off medications all together in 6 months. I’m different and take insulin, but my A1C was at 7.6 down from 8.6 just 3 months ago.

The doctor has also changed my insulin intake drastically where I don’t have to take as much. Its working!

I don’t have before/after pictures but I can wear a  2 piece bathing suit again. I’m 65 years old and plan to be in my pool all summer.


Sue Garner
Avondale Arizona


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