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Shirley Testimonial

August 5th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

Hi!  My name is Shirley, I am a 61 years old sedate, always overweight retired married (40 yrs) woman.

I just completed my first 30 day challenge.

I lost 8 lbs and I must say pretty effortlessly.  Oh I changed my eating drastically.  I followed the plan pretty much to a “t”.  A few days in, I felt like cr*p.  I was feeling rotten for a few days (three to four) and suddenly I felt better than I have in years!  (You are told to expect this, your body is “detoxing”).

The only thing I couldn’t always do was grass fed beef or free range chicken.  Alas in the part of the country where I live Paleo is a foreign word.  No Trader Joes, some day a Whole Foods (under construction), one Health food Store, we searched locally high and low for natural meat, no luck.

Just recently we learned of a farmers market within 25 miles that MAY have local farmers raising grass fed/free range animals for meat.  Just ordered some grass fed/free range meat off line to try.

But the point I am trying to make is although eating Paleo is effortless it requires SOME effort but the results are worth this effort.


I was the queen of unhealthy snacking. Every evening I couldn’t, just could NOT not snack.

High blood sugars, overweight, coffee addiction (high was a pot or better a day), chocolate, high sugar and starch consumption, sedentary, no energy, lousy sleep patterns.

After my 30 day weigh-in I thought back over the thirty days.  Milestones were:  watching TV food commercials and thinking “oh that looks good, yumm” then “but I really don’t want it” and letting the thought go (instead of heading for the snack shelf).

Not being hungry between meals.  In fact some days it was hard to get three “meals” in!  Each morning I have one cup of organic coffee.  Every other day Bullet Proof coffee.  Sometimes a tablespoon of coconut milk but now just plain coffee.

I have been able to delete one of my blood sugar pills (with medical permission) and am working on my cholesterol medication.

I am starting another 30 day challenge.  I have more energy, better sleep, and am a happier person that I have been in years.  These things are well worth the effort.

My goal this 30 day cycle is more exercise.  Again, a little effort on my part will pay back in spades.

For me I think the fact the Paleo diet is pretty straight forward, lots of choices, and simple.  No counting calories, weighing food, eat this only at this time, etc.  Great support on-line for recipes, questions, encouragement not just from others but Chad and Brenda too.

Give this way of eating a try.  Keep trying. You won’t regret it.”


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