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Nonna Testimonial

August 13th, 2016
Nonna BaF

Hi. My name is Nonna A and I am 63 yrs of age. I am from Washington DC.

I was 154.9 lbs when I started this diet and I am now 149.4 lbs.

Before the paleo secret, my eating habits were bad. Being Asian, I am used to eating rice from morning to evening.  If not rice for breakfast then I would either have bread, pancakes or cereals. I also love Vienna sausage and devil ham both of which comes fresh from the can.

When I began the paleo secret, I realized that I could live without the above mentioned and still be ‘alive’.
With the email I got from you every day, I learned a lot of new things. How to and what to do with my food, my stress (not a lot), my way of purchasing and preparing food.

I lost just 5 lbs because, I admit, I cheated when I went home to visit family. I ate rice twice, and a lot, more than a cup. When I smell bread being baked, I would take a bite, when I see chocolate candy, I would take a bite.

I now regret my cheating because I didn’t shed a lot of pounds. I intend to continue with this diet and encourage my mom and sister to do the same. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine who’s visiting from Honduras has already been indoctrinated by me. I hope to spread the word to my other friends who are basically of the same age range.

The change I noticed most is that I lost much of my belly fat. My legs are slimmer but my arm size just wouldn’t change. I have been exercising but the arms have a mind of their own. Hahaha. I look better in my clothes now too.

I want to thank Chad and Brenda for the emails and pieces of advice I got every day.

Good luck and spreading the word to more people. This way of eating should be the only way.

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