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Morris Testimonial

August 7th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

Hi I’m Morris and I’m from Crescent City, Ca., I’m 58 today and feeling great and I’ve lost 20 lbs and more importantly lost 2 inches around the waist. I started at 250 with a 40 inch waist and now I’m 230 lbs with a 38 waist, I’m 6’1″.

I’m sleeping better and feel great, when I wake up I’m ready to tackle the task for the day. I’m not a picture person so I’m sorry that you are not seeing the results of before and after. Believe me it works this is not a quick fix program but nothing ever is. I know with dedication I’ll hit my goal of 200 lbs. with a 36 waist again.

The support here is great with good tips and fresh ideas. This is actually easy for me as I hunt and fish so I have good lean protein to eat all year long and we buy fresh free range eggs from a local farmer and produce at the farmers market when we can.

This is an easy way of life and even at a restaurant you can eat this way.  Most good restaurants will adjust things to help you out. God bless you all in your efforts and stay strong.”




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