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Grace Ann Testimonial

August 2nd, 2016
30 Day Challenge

“My name is Grace Ann N. I’m 54 years old and live in Wilmington, NC.

The day I signed up for the 30 Day Challenge I had a migraine. I’ve had them since my early 20’s and had nothing to loose by trying. I also felt old for my age and was concerned about what age 70 had in store.

Last, I was very motivated by the fact that my Mom (age 74) was recently diagnosed with colitis. My sister has had it for years, and they both eat and run to the bathroom. The doctor told my Mom to drink pepto bismol with every meal (really?!?) or take $3,000/month medicine.

Well, we were shopping the day before Mother’s Day and while she was running to the bathroom she fell and broke her knee cap in half. That put me over the edge. I did NOT want to follow in her foot steps.

I also know 2 ladies in church dying of cancer, another with Alzheimer’s, & 2 men with Parkinson’s. Our country is so “medically advanced” but we are so sick. Chad’s video about Paleo not being hard was spot on.

Cancer is hard. Alzheimer’s is hard.

So I joined on 5/12/16 and began reading and processing what the Challenge meant and asked myself if I could truly commit. 5 days later I went shopping.

Our 1st Paleo meal was dinner on 5/17/16. My hubby and I like to cook and “eat well” which was a huge plus going into this program, but our diet was loaded with dairy and grains, some organic. Sugar wasn’t a main factor from our perspective but it was certainly present. We used to eat Dove dark chocolate for dessert every night!

The first few days went well but then we began to transition to burning fat for fuel vs sugar. We both felt nauseous, tired, and sickly. Week 3 was better, with more good days than bad.

So many benefits have come with some quite unexpected!

I have lost 2.6 pounds. Not much but weight loss wasn’t my goal. My goals were no more migraines, reduce inflammation, and a healthy gut.
The first benefit I noticed was sleep! I used to lie awake 30-60 minutes each night before falling asleep and if I woke up with night sweats it took so long to fall back asleep. I had this on my list of topics to discuss at my annual physical but dreaded the expected sleeping pills she’d probably subscribe.

Now I fall asleep fast and what a blessing to get better sleep! I have more energy too and rarely have coffee at lunch to make it through a day. I also rarely nap in the afternoon as was a habit before whenever possible. I still think about having coffee at lunch but am refraining and discovering I’m fine without it; it’s just an old habit and thought pattern.

My mood seems tied to my energy level and is improving.
Digestion improved and I didn’t realize it needed to! It’s more consistent vs. either being too loose or too hard. Another unexpected benefit is less body odor! Even my bowel movements don’t stink like they used too.

Body comp is just beginning to change but I started the challenge 5 days late and with more time & adding more exercise I’m confident that will come.
I’m hoping for less achy joints. Arthritis runs in my family and my finger joints are stiff and hurt most days. My neck is also an issue from 5 whiplashes from car wrecks and a desk job for over 30 years.

My biggest unexpected benefit is having my thyroid medication cut in half at my annual physical! I’ll get rechecked in 2 months and may be able to quit completely!
My doctor said it’s not normal to be on thyroid medicine for over 20 years and then come off, but she is all for it if possible!

And I’ve been migraine free for 4 weeks! I used to have them several days a week or at best every other week.
I hope I don’t need to refill my Imitrex prescription or take Aleve & muscle relaxers so often.
So, my journey has just begun with hopes of additional improvements.

This lifestyle is more than what we eat and includes movement and changing our thoughts.

Thank you Chad and Brenda for this program!”


  • Grace Ann N


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